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[Klan ephemera, 1925-1970, n.d. miscellaneous]

[Newspaper articles and advertisements about Klan activities in the 1920s] PDF (770.6 KB)

--       _r30                    -    'r                       $!       
2.001L'&        iiinAdv 
amae                     Crersc oo                           ~        BACKER~SPAY
$Z5 EACH          md7 &to rm           ga 
eNew                                                 R.,ChronA,  12cat~o
S           , c- r  Ia en                                 wek., ys:the Journal.
 fiTh  uoe s reaam            age--  . .h akes-h~         a4ed-over-$ 25-rach
pring. lhikTMa            j f   ++se~ond annual re-union of the up the guarantee
and opened the pro- I r     c    C    u    t    T    -       
+i~ ~    ~      ~    ~   ~~na -t   Corner - shool-: *ash  ll~mo Friay   
    +-    - "-. P+'i                                               +
* Killed   in-Car--Crash        owers Farm Sunday, July 27.      Ne
says the chau.-.    ....... -       .-              - " . 
- r                  arly  n the  foi'eno- cars  be an .tauqun  a  first
 elass  i v r x+ . iStorm   -Late  Sunday-.W 
0"           .      ,           b- noon-par nl- paee-      btt-r'op
sn'ar as the financial   S-6,So       s--Barn    -and  -   
Cr  nIing  n  the  Town  of  Spring  thad  to  b.e  made  in  the  feld 
beyond  end  was  concerned.                                       -  -ke,--
near-- Spring Valley, was in- the bains. At about one o'clock-the.L .....
, ar~oo              a  unteo"- p.gcn- +-c " D l    r   . T   
P .The          .e',  I detrtuctre.* *  wind  storm 
ty night whenhis .car uverturned on I dinner, after which President Frank:
_aarley_ -Has _lzhrllng   _-,-ti within -six weks- --t---= -TurvOt-,y   
  rn      ~    Stity      I~gn  Aled tl eet ng to ordrn                 
.                        .       . n.           ..       .  .  pa v(    
                           -iderag ,e . am.ount   o   d  
roix county, about one and one-half: and thefollowing oflcrw aer eteit- 
i n r " * ,"" o r-h lyea    Pr -P deti     t      o  I aarley,
 local  w e l  know n   m age  to lr hlld ing-   cry~ pLYeand  a h  d-'Aefrend
, named Erickson. the-only, Frank  Xurzcnt,.-socrotary- Minnie,- Av::i~or
had a trees.      ..     in  thoa car!3 u ffe r --4 eonrrd,  trma urrr- -Lester 7 rtelt. -
- -'-n, +nc  -hich  f' w i 'ou xd  car   The t em   follow   ,i ta jy  of
+terri ff -7 ---.-" 
wo broken ribs and other injuries but reporter for the Flaw.rtt- Record take.
SundayeenIng whenth ,         pr.or to the blow, which W-  .     
re--Mrs. Alfred Peterson, Herald re- storm struck this                  
            e n  tean at about 5:19, hard!y a breath of 
vilrcover.                       -Ms                                    
          section            'rr str.1 Teso iwsrcs by 
-Accoiding to infor'pation given CO- pcrr--rs. Bert Ottman. No cmn-    Blatiat.y
had been making passeige rair stirred. The str n was forcast by ner La Giandeur,
who was eailll mittens were appointed.            flight,; at Strum and was
 returning.  owerin  cl,,uds and many local peo " 
o the scene,' the accident occurred -- Following  the election of officer:ht
in-   the face of the storm  lI ;Ipredicted it storm as destructive -. .
  hen Aamodt applied his brakes-nenr j -State Superintendent John Callahan,*
ntd the threatIing clouds and head-i as the twister of June 13. 
n~~teTh sthr thratein withd atl terrie r 
he curve and  they failed  to hold. Ferris White. 'Michael Nugent-, C(yr1'
, d fur the Ihager Cityeairort. Arcbroke witr h a       --rifc o 
he car is said to have been- traveling Bartlett, John Swanson. E srpr- says
heatemptedtao m ea ladMd i  hsrnAT( 
ta fairly high rate of speed. The son. Peter Powers and Evelyn Thoner from
a height f 1000 feet but the few minutes. T e wind swept through _.-_-"
iachine  turned  over  in  a  ditc'.  maide shm rrspeecheA  on  their schoo!heavy
 w i l  shot. the  plane  tip-I t   ge  p g  . ... . t   .and   Dr. Conway
of-Spring Valley -wka days, the  two former as   teac'ers,, ward to an almu
    0 feet. "   [danaging garlens-to an- even:greater,wrWanaltitude'
of 3l000fet 
ailed but-he could do nothing to aid three others as member's of the schon'
 Buariey admits that he thought cf'q aoxtn_- than.-____un_-strm- -d e ung
man,.                      board and the last three reminisced lot of things
about that time, trees were blown down at the il. R  .  
Deceased was a brother of MIss on their days as pupils. Farl Casper- others
that his gasoline tank wsn'! lluher, G. A'.'rsse and L. 0. Moon , uise Aamodt
who is employed As    o son telling how he and 'Pete Powers full by A Ion
 w-y .,j; . .. places onr   Chestut street And, .0aons....'urse  at  the..J
lawort-hospital.  Miss  m anaged  to  have  school  dismissed  onshlp'm n'i
 h eed  hack   - o  -  t i r. .. . lar e o; 
amodt.-returned.Monday   morning when they were tred--of --the dsys bealthestorm.In
this le was sue- '-At bcaLl1.itixtor thn thate lie wass 
rom her.vacation trip to be confront- routin'.                       i cessful,
landing' the plAve In a small IEllsworth, ther plate glfarew ortg  at 
j.wlthth (anewu-of-heer-srother.r ---     d on pax'four)      I field near
Grange Hall. The landing blown in. Damage it report at the 
eath.                                                                 pro.
ell cult, not only because of Edgar b'utler barn and at the If. M. ..   
Atto rney                              sa 1g14 provud dl rkbUt. nof j Young
u "i S o   Btorney                     1. E.                 he all
Al t   a lo because It  The storm appears to have swept             
.....        .. School  Band            arried                       -  
     -     -.)f ti-me to an.Tcross the district--  ln-Trlentos-andl---: 
ublc  Shoo  Bad       -     Married       Wednesday~~~r~aJ              
       s   ier       Trimbioll. hit-by ihi crm -i June nl'......  ..    
              vw  'uu+'omm+7-hor the PtAn-wh Iii a   trm brok.*         
.Co...0                  - i    -Atty.   Irwin . Mage+, son of Air SMr. Thompson,
-the man on  whose though the damage was not as he vy 
.             .Il.wom'tl.-peopl. -wer.e Ive   a  riT  -and  Mrs. Fred  G.
Mage e  of  this  vil-t ed -he  had  !ande. -'came runnln over  At the +-ear
A.l.  vu- e  ..  . eir 
lage, and Miss Helen Creriver, daugh-I and grasped Basarley. b , Ilke arm.
To- new barn wag -ini--.natuct.d to re- . 
urpriie on-Memorial Day- -'when.the 1-  *r"----"-             
  --th        r    n, ho]    ....       tp  emoniaiifroyi *- the tor 
                          do_~ "C-o're  -l~-he  a-4-4t  e9-ln-   thezorile-atoe
iYhe totn -. 
hooL Ba-d appEredIn th l+Pneb ofRed Wing, were united in marriage at; themselves
down into it Just-as the i°-thL-ramawa denillshHL-Da'-" °heel_
Band +appeared+n Oe _neo                                                
                              (continued o piyg -'-r-"...    .    .
irth-rnderedsom       - 6 muslc emnL - R0Wednesday evening at  t t-home;
storm XwepCV-ver;. A barn only a few"u      on 
o f  t h e   b   r r T h e  y w   L -.. _I ia w awn- d o w .  T h e   p l
n c.   . 
pleasing tohe- araIt issafe tended by 'Miss Prances Crcnr ofw  nit damgeil.
               'Crowd      of 2,500           n 
say that each and every one in the Red Wing and A. I.. Taylor of Merrill.'
Baarley secured some dry clothes At rowd was mighty proud of the young The
ceremony was performed by ltev' the far,,hos anid secured a rile to     
uslelans.        ..... .                                                
                                 :Attends "i cnicz:-. 
is higly gratifying to state that J I'hllllps- Garland ofSt. Patl biforeEllsworth.
lie went to GraTige lellI   
e members of the band have been ar'nnmber of relaties and friends of Monday
and took the plane to Ilager  Weather threatening and hot did racticing 
                       the combining pi-ten.             City.          
                    not'stop the crowd attending the 4th    " 
y -and n  ar staging  weekly- rehear-  The bride  La a graduait  of the 
ltkl . It was a  thrilling  experience  and  annual picnic  of  PiereeiKlan
 t tthi'  Iys  unde th rect ion of~g   wee y- ha~B s W ing  igh  school 
and  of  the  Ia  ne  which  will not  soon  be  forgotten  fair  grouillis-Sunday.
It was  estimat-  . T  undeth df      aire.ooB    a- Crosse Teachers Cllege
and is well by tho local aviator.            _ dAbat fully 2,500_ pople._werciM
rSchmidtof Ear s Claire.      ri and favorably  known in  Filsworth.    
The writer dropped in at band prac- She is a sistr oMrs- F.-utziur.. -  
         ..e ,...Thraiin. ..  Ih .m m th r Unin-td----mceMonday-
afternoon-and -found the   is Laan.._                                   
                    at.wa fr .an  eains  eerate , -n 
-nd The-                                               Celebrate-       
' enro  hjw  ... . States flair was  fyalrzte.¢r... 
oungsters -w orking.-on--their  fi t  .. e. r. m. s..mmbe  o  th"lw
                                   noon  as  it  took  considerable  effort
verure, JSounded pretty good, too. i m0   asey   Magee and a gradu-.    
e                              rna nseveraary  noansi   feet 0ng and some
r. Schmidt is bertainly bringing the ate of the Ellsworth High School class
nr.on    Inmt iesapean d, wrn e of 1919, and of the class-of 1925 of'- Mr.
and  Mrs; Michael "Langbvin, 40 feet wide, Weighing  around 600   nd+,along
In Oine shape and, web"e- gh-Ioieriy-o    ineo-a:-el-ow-           
   id--f   --l;wth)i-d-         -+'+" 
Te-the-dniversity-of-Minnest            -Lw-aw .el I- know- rosidctz~iI l~r~
e orsurprises in the way of School. He has already , established: townsh
p, wer" pleasantly surprise  -Many ha picnic luncheome More        
e                      lfaso _-                                         
    of re!a- I houi. -At 1:30 p.m. the program was 
ublic coneertabefort-lon  y---i  e---"f---t  ron o                 
                                 hl gi     thebwnd*l an( w ere a 
-               -.      -M     M    .b                       . d  4,gran
0                                   music, recitations and      " "
rown'edi         a ie-epin       board of directors of the Bank of Ells-
 The following were present: Mr. speeces -t  place. The        ..e . 
-woth--                          an 'ra     onh        a a            is
e 5 0, 
-Within-sighto--sre ---p-p -Mr._gmlll1" .sY~igeel~1'ti~ii      anm Mrs.
Ballon,- Mri and Mrs. "Alf -this org&nization-ha&-bn-.htJ-by
ho-lined--th e - er  - ---.   Peterson-,  ty ifo   llow in gfthe ee em ony
- n-a trip --H o ff w -a n"df ami  , t; -  .t.n 
ke,-City-busiriess-man-drawne-  nti'ii4  ~~"~~'lii thyz-u -.2      
  )l.f..      ,.w~t   I~i~la L5 Osuem           rand ltre dAUg 
ke Pepin at Lake City Sunday af- will be at home to their naynfri.nds..-Grace
Langbein of St Paul and- Mr. ten, . ernoon'. TheanhiXiil beenifishin-g but
it Ellsworth.  -           and Mrs.-Carl Krummel, Mrs. Barba-  I. C:-Moore,
grand dragon-of Ken.--ecidedt. go ashore after anchoring -TheHERALD joins..
in extending- ra--Krumel, Clyde Schultz, Mrs -Geo -ucky,gtav -' real oration0imma-
e   Ia rm l h   -ou .  a - w ays  -ea use  o    t e -  -c -ag r  tu latton97.
                      g rU-tP ROt- f+ 'ijiV Mi s-   W -m -r.--- e-a --e -r
Mrs. vi, aiso Overing other vieAw Ildwinashore and suddenly_cglled. for .Choosing
a spot near the-graves-of4-Mal y-Schmidt,"--XtrfiHi' i==VT1.Glen conditions
on A-ericanis  at the pm-   
aep.Tere   s o bo6at handy and his parents in a cemetery at Hunting- Fink
And family, Raymond Fink, An- sent time.' Ralph Hamtnond,  ----ersons on
shore lost time in going to toil, neALtewRiChzo1-Yf  Z  To
- .ra. ava orney.                                                       
ty man, punged-in without remov- oiwn life Thursd-afir      yshoot-  Mr.
and Mrs. haesMyers a        .ganization, gave     short addra.. 
g-hts..eiothes and made a-desperate im-g-himself-with a revolver. A letter
mily and Mr. and Mrs. Carl J. John- There were also to   
M o  1" e  r g m                                                   
                   f-a to--s  -wn  -  -   - -  - r  tstad did a th vut fl~ed0the
 swl'iferjrfollowcd .-whlch-h  prOfaessed o "en~it all-." d-  
Ut   ey.were'too-lat-Th.-bdy was, TestimV-heard at- -eoroner-s-i  w...  
                                                         Us... in  vis ng
 &nd  renewing  old  ac-, xiduies  given  A w   -I           : 
idow-and-two-rhildren.   .        I  h  JdVAll teiw      y   rs  kll   m-
i sgL sd -oe-aI--al1  wiahin  ... ... ; .-  . --    'n_- .... .   ' . 
-,_.-'- _ years of happy-wedderd lif "  heed some'tlme in-1931.  - 
   -      - . 
- ~     ~      h  -O-Ag  -0 a-Frank 
-adSc-             a g       .....--                                    
farm -tht grand dragon of-Texas. mi1   ---                              
+-m                  +--ray+-ries              &llqwevl-br-:t--- -,nd
the public is   
Julging by the ev r increasing nufm- kor children, a retirene      --und
that - "InustiCe  -ourt invited.    -          -   -tbe ....     ._e
  fof  savings  bank  dIpas tora  _us    pedent__re  om.            - __
_   _    -_._                        =. 
tock buyvrsi-t-would- seenrn Lwork-atid w6i-n-age. Ther- are-C.-F
IT    SpVa'ey who              
,  lpl     e sn can b                                          , wt     
u. of              .     . Pollution is Kil       .ng              ... 
t, --the habit of s-saving has a very! miany ways to secure these benefits-
 was arrested on. Juy ,19  charged  . 
tost s    an be po. I lfe isurance  buldng  amd  and  with malicious injury
to the Commu-  Hundreds of Trout ularized evn more, to the great+ itocks
aid bonds, thrift stamps' and nitylall at Spring Valley and who uri1 eventsal
more  to thea grot - gult                                               
                    At RiveriFalse-nt, 
enefit of all. of our people. Rightly, straight savings aLcount-al arelplead
not  guty  on arraignment, planned saving grows to be fun. *A profitable
and in ono or more of them  changed his plea to that of guilty  y  R    
  iverdig suyoting matroni  who before her- mar-I you willfind the plan that
best suitsj when his ctse was brought up for trial I oyd Rice..who is.ttending
sumincc hall 'en at spendthrift, began a  'your needs. Here in Ellsworth
you last Friday.       *        mer school at the River-Fals Teach- 

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