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Johnson, Mike (ed.) / Leblanc Bell : A newsletter for music retailers, educators, employees and friends of G. Leblanc Corporation
(May 6, 1996)

Fan mail,   pp. 16-20

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came chapter headings for my book,
Time and the Winds, finished Septem-
ber 12, 1953, published August 1, 1954.
Shortly after, Vito came to Rochester
to present the manuscript to the Sibley
Music Library and a Xerox copy to me.
Next came the LP introduction of
Leblanc's B-flat contrabass clarinet at
the opening of Owen Reed's La Fiesta
Mexicana, our third Mercury record
with the instrument's exposed, ex-
tended and impressive solo-and there
was our 1958 recording of Mozart's
Serenade No. 10 in B-flat with
Leblanc's basset horns and added con-
trabass clarinet.
And so, happiest 50th anniversary
greetings to you, Vito, with thanks for
all you have always done for our pro-
fessions, and continued great success
and future to you, Leon, and to the
entire Leblanc family.
With love,
Frederick Fennell
Conductor, author
Dear Dr. Pascucci,
Congratulations and felicitations on
the 50th anniversary of G. Leblanc
Corporation in America. Your journey
from humble beginnings in assembling
Leblanc instruments from France to
chairman and CEO of G. Leblanc Cor-
poration was miraculous.
You are to be highly commended for
turning your original shop into a seven-
brand corporation employing over 500
people and serving a world market
from two continents.
As recipient of honorary doctorate
degrees from Florida A&M University,
Wartburg College and the University
of South Dakota, and as recipient of
numerous other awards and honors,
Dr. Pascucci has to be recognized for
his contribution to
music education and
the band programs
of America. Leblanc
instruments are in-
comparable, truly
world-class, standing
at the top of the in-
dustry. Your quest
for perfection and
success embodied goals, ambition, com-
mitment, perseverance, determination,
hard work, competence, wisdom, en-
thusiasm, talent, energy and leadership.
It is coincidental that 1996 represents
my own golden anniversary-50 years
of service as band director at Florida
A&M University, Tallahassee, Florida.
Vito, in summary, your career is a
testament to the free-enterprise system
in the United States of America. Best
wishes and best personal regards.
Florida A&M Univ.
Dept. of Music
William P. Foster
In commemorating the 50th anniver-
sary of G. Leblanc Corporation, the
worldwide music-products industry
celebrates the distinguished life and
character of an extraordinary person,
Vito Pascucci, its founder and chairman.
Vito is truly an industry icon-an
innovative entrepreneur, visionary
leader and tireless advocate for music
in our nation's schools. His selfless
dedication to the betterment of the
industry has elevated not only the
band-instrument segment, but the
wider global community of music prod-
uct manufacturers and retailers. His
service to the National Association of
Band Instrument Manufacturers and
the American Music Conference in
particular, has defined what it means
to be committed to ideals larger than
one's self interests.
During the past half-century, Vito's
most valuable trademarks have been
his own personal work ethic, his pro-
gressive business
acumen and his abil-
ity to mold and lead
a team that strives
for excellence in all
endeavors. His bold,
progressive attitudes
serve as the bedrock
for an enterprise that
today is recognized
around the world for its uncompromis-
ing quality, technological sophistica-
tion and its integrity.
Those fortunate to be close to him
over the years -in my case more than
30 years-have experienced his unwa-
vering loyalty, the tremendous gener-
osity of spirit and the enduring depth
of his friendship. With respect to his
engaging style and charm-and above
all, his class-there is no equal in our
industry. He is an American original.
NAMM is pleased to join the entire
global music products industry in sa-
luting Vito Pascucci and the Leblanc
team in achieving this important mile-
stone. We extend our best wishes dur-
ing this, your 50th anniversary year.
With kindest personal regards from
the National Association of Music
Larry R. Linkin
President, CEO
Greetings also from some
of the many artists who
have chosen Leblanc
Larry Combs
Principal Clarinetist, Chicago Sym-
phony Orchestra
Leblanc France 11 90S Opus clarinet
Counted among the most talented
and respected clarinetists in the world,
Larry Combs is
known primarily for
his sensitivity as an
orchestral performer
with the famed Chi-
cago Symphony Or-
chestra. He is also a
prolific soloist and
chamber performer,
concertizing regu-
larly with fellow CSO members known
as the Chicago Chamber Musicians.
Larry was among the first professional
musicians to "make the switch" to
Leblanc's flagship model Opus clari-
net when the line was introduced in
1991. His namesake mouthpiece, made
by the Woodwind Company, enjoys
great popularity among his peers. Larry
remains an active clinician for Leblanc,
traveling to clinics and workshops
when his busy schedule allows.
I am delighted to add my voice to the
many who heartily congratulate Vito
Pascucci and G. Leblanc Corporation
on the occasion of the 50th anniver-
sary of its American founding.
I have personally known Vito since
I was a high school student in South
Charleston, West Virginia, and pur-
chased my first Leblanc clarinets from
our local music store, Gorby's Music.
I have always been aware of Vito's
and Leblanc's commitment to quality
and refinement throughout all of their
lines of products, from student instru-
ments through those intended for art-
ist professionals, and have been
particularly excited by developments
made possible by the acquisition of the
French Leblanc company.
Vito's commitment to quality and
his sensitivity to the needs of musi-
cians and teachers at every level have
resulted in Leblanc having become the
leading provider of the needs of those
in my field.
We all look forward to the next ex-
citing 50 years of quality and progress
at Leblanc. Felicitations, Vito!
Larry Combs
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