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Johnson, Mike (ed.) / Leblanc Bell : A newsletter for music retailers, educators, employees and friends of G. Leblanc Corporation
(May 6, 1996)

50 years,   pp. 4-11

Page 11

to play in tune and give the student
every possible opportunity to enjoy the
adventure of making music without
having to overcome the mechanical or
acoustical deficiencies.
Both the company and Pascucci have
received many honors and awards rec-
ognizing the excellence of their prod-
ucts, their service to music and their
reputation as a progressive employer
and good corporate citizen.
Among the highlights of Pascucci's
honors are: past chairman of the Ameri-
can Music Conference; six terms as
president of the National Association
of Band Instrument Manufacturers;
Hall of Fame, American Music Con-
ference (1980); Edwin Franko Goldman
Memorial Citation, the highest award
of the American Bandmasters Associa-
tion (1982); Air Force Commendation
Medal for his morale-building efforts
during World War 11 (1986); Hall of
Fame, National Association of Music
Merchants (1988); Music Industry
Award for outstanding service and sup-
port of music education from the Wis-
consin Music Educators Conference
(1988); honorary doctoral degrees from
Florida A&M University (1988), Wart-
burg College (1995) and University of
South Dakota (1995).
The image that Vito chose for Le-
blanc was one of elegance, refinement
and attention to detail. This is re-
flected in an unwritten but firm policy
that the company must always put its
"best foot forward," whether in its ad-
vertising, the maintenance of its facili-
ties or the appearance of its family of
workers. Vito strives for no less in his
own life, as evidenced by his frequent
inclusion on the list of "Ten Best-
A small sample
of the many honors
received by Vito
Pascucci over the
years, recognizing
his and Leblanc's
contributions to
the music industry.
Above: The Association of Wisconsin Sym-
phony Orchestras bestows its "Outstanding
Service to Music" award in 1993, presented
by Pat Rodgers, general manager, Fox Valley
Symphony, and James M, Bankhead,
executive director, Green Bay Symphony.
At left: Florida A6M University awards
the honorary degree of Doctor of Humane
Letters, 1988. Other doctorates have been
awarded by Wartburg College and the
University of South Dakota.
Below: Major Charles D. Metcalf awards
an Air Force Commendation Medal, citing
Pascucci's morale-building efforts during
World War II with the Glenn Miller Band.
Dressed Men" published by the Inter-
national Association of Custom Tai-
lors and Designers.
Now, with seven brands of wood-
winds, brass and accessories, Leblanc
is justly proud of its position as
America's oldest and largest continu-
ously owned, privately held full-line
wind-instrument maker, offering more
choices for professionals and students
alike than any other manufacturer.
A look behind, a look ahead. Un-
der Pascucci's leadership, the Ameri-
can company has consistently been an
innovator in instrument design, manu-
facturing technique, modern market-
ing programs and award-winning
national advertising campaigns.
Even more important, no other
manufacturer can offer as wide a selec-
tion of brass and woodwind instru-
ments crafted with the same integrity
and dedication to excellence as does
Leblanc. Through all stages of the
company's growth, advancement and
Long ago, Georges Leblanc
established the basic tenets
of integrity, musicianship
and creativity for his firms.
At G. Leblanc Corporation,
these principles still live on.
acquisitions, it has never lost sight of
the principles on which it was founded.
Long ago, Georges Leblanc established
the basic tenets of integrity, musician-
ship and creativity for his firms to live
by. At G. Leblanc Corporation, these
principles still live on, propelling the
company into the next 50 years of its
history-and beyond.
Reflecting on the contributions that
have been made by Leblanc to the mu-
sic industry and to the culture at large,
Vito Pascucci said recently, "My great-
est pride rests in having built an
organization of people who care. From
the plants, to the offices, to the sales-
men in the field, our employees truly
care about producing and delivering
instruments that are mechanically and
acoustically correct. Without our
people, nothing could have been ac-
complished." L)

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