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Turcheneske, John Anthony / The Ku Klux Klan in northwestern Wisconsin

Chapter 9: the sheriff and the yellow fringe,   pp. 160-186 PDF (9.4 MB)

Page 180

little emotion that I am chicken hearted or 
anything like that, but it huiliates me to be classed as un-2nerican here.
I felt terribly 
out of place when I didn't have a boy old 
enough to go to war and I myself was too old. 
The ALerican Legion has never had anything 
going on at anr time when I didn' t contribute 
to it, 'out I can't help this now.39 
Edward Guest testified for the defense that the Legion admitted to not knowing
what the fringe meant. Sheriff Baker's point was that as long as this was
the case, the Post could stop the criticism by placing an Armerican Flag
by the fringed emblem. Guest said he asked one of the Legion members "....why
they didn't put the American Flag up beside it and they said they didn't
know how to hang it up. We thought it was funny how they knew how to hang
the other flag up but didn't know how to hang the American Flag up."
Upon further questioning, Guest admitted that the fringed emblem was indeed
the American Flag, but that he believed the yellow fringe to be out of place.
Guest testified that 
he told no one to take the Flag dovrn.40 
Probing further for the rationale behind Guest's 
objection to the fringed flag, Attorney White asked the 
witness what authority he based his objections. Guest replied that he got
it into his ownm head. As to the matter of yellow being a gold color, Guest
said "I wouldn't swear to it, but I don't think it is." Guest was
brought up to 
39Testimony of Frank L. Baker, Commission Hearing, FBI, pp. 106-107. 
40Testimony of Edward Guest, Commission Hearing, FBI, p. 161. 

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