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Turcheneske, John Anthony / The Ku Klux Klan in northwestern Wisconsin

Chapter 4: Chetek: a hot time in the old town,   pp. 59-80 PDF (7.4 MB)

Page 79

was used for. Pat Malone claimed that he received nothing 
from the Klan for his services--that he lived entirely on 
income from his insurance interests.62 
The best thing that Chetek could do in the interests 
of peace and harmony was for its citizens to put aside 
recent animosities. It was time for past friends to become 
so once again. The following was submitted as an example 
of recent fence mending as being suggestive of how Chetek 
might cleanse itself of all acrimony, 
Byron Carter and Fred Ziesensis got into a 
little argument the other day, which almost developed into a pugilistic encounter,
do you !mowv what they have done,--they 
laughed over it together, made it all up and went on talking 'potatoes, the
they have been doing for thirty-five years 
or more. Now isn't that fine? We think a 
lot of 11r. Ziesensis and 11r. Carter for 
finishing the argument that way   That is the way vwe are going to do it.
NTo matter 
who you are or what yo2 believe, if you are 
a good, patriotic knerican citizen, and 
cone in the spirit of good fellowship, you 
will receive a glad welcome and the right 
kind of treatment from us.63 
Concluding, the Alert pointed out that it did not 
have a mean thing to say about anyone. 
We are just talking things over with you and we hope those who have been
our good friends in the past will think of it in 
that way. We are not pleading for personal 
or financial support; we are not afraid of the consequences. People have
told us that 
we would suffer if we ventured to discuss 
62Editorial, The Chetek Alert, March 5, 1926, p. 4. 631bid, 

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