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Turcheneske, John Anthony / The Ku Klux Klan in northwestern Wisconsin

Chapter 4: Chetek: a hot time in the old town,   pp. 59-80 PDF (7.4 MB)

Page 69

building was to be held on January fifteenth32 
On January seventeenth, the 'iomen's Christian 
Temperance Union held a meeting in the newly constructed Klan tabernacle.
The occasion was the celebration of the sixth anniversary of the Eighteenth
Amendment. Pat Mialone spoke before a large audience. Malone's presentation
was considered to be clear, convincing, and entertai-ning.33 
In a contributed article alluding to the klaz's fuiure prograa of religious
education, the Chetek Alert published the followi-n under the headline "Somebody
Suggests: "Smell of this One. 
Every "medium," every leader of newi IS.: or 
cult or mysterious religion, meakes money, 
Millions chase the astrologer, necromaucer, 
voodoo, the high priestess, the sun 
worshiper, the sandeater, the fak2e doctor, 
the wonder worker. 
We don't ;ish to attract a shorer of stones, 
but we regret that people will not do some 
good horse sense thinking for themselves 
and reject the impossible and foolish 
This fad religion and new cult business means we impoverish ourselves and
the teachers., 
The time is coming when the false teacher will be given the kibosh, and the
32Chetek Alert, January 15, 1926, p. l.- Also to be found in this particular
issue was a news7 item detailing the resignation of several New Haven, Connecticut
Klan leaders.. The reason given was that the Klan was considered to be not
only un-Americaz but anti-American. 
Chetek Alert, January 22, 1926, p. 1. 

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