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Turcheneske, John Anthony / The Ku Klux Klan in northwestern Wisconsin

Chapter 4: Chetek: a hot time in the old town,   pp. 59-80 PDF (7.4 MB)

Page 60

the Knights of the Ku K'lux Klan burning in 
all its brilliancy on Dunsmoor's hill, 
southwest of the city. An organizer of the Klan had been in the city that
day, and it was said that the Fiery 
Cross was raised and burned by new members 
which he had secured in Chetek. It was otherwise rumored that a group of
men on mischief bent built the Fiery Cross and lighted it as a joke. At any
rate, it 
was there on the occasion mentioned.3 
However, there did not appear to be any reason for a disturbance over the
activities of the Chetek's Klan organizers. 
Information as to Chetek Klan activities did not-again appear until lay.
on Thursday evening of M!ay second, 
there wvas a large gathering in attendance at the local Klan meeting.  Many
of those present were visitors from the Cameron area. The organizer and speaker
at this meeting was a Mr. Dague.4 Dague was said to have discussed many 
important events occurring in American history. Though there were four Klansmen
in full regalia at the meeting-with a large fiery cross illninating the grounds--there
were no demonstrations. The meeting concluded in a peaceful manner.  Organizer
Dague said that he would be resigning his position and would return to 1,ichigan.5
Chetek residents were advised by their local newspaper that religious issues
would not be argued in that journal., The editor, L. P. Charles, told an
anecdote about a certain 
3Ohetek Alert, March 21, 1924, p. 1. 
4Chetek Alert, May 9, 1924, p. 1. 

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