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Turcheneske, John Anthony / The Ku Klux Klan in northwestern Wisconsin

Chapter 3: Father Minwegen fights the Klan,   pp. 43-58 PDF (5.3 MB)

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Father ,,inwegan returned to Cornell a vindicated man 
One other incident relating to Father Minwegen's 
struggle against -Cornell's Klan is worthy of mention. On a certain Sunday
evening, fifty Ku Kluxers assembled in front of the missionary's temporary
residence duly regaled in Klan costume. After calling the priest a "....blackrobed
devil...." the Klan proceeded to burn a cross on the opposite side of
the street.43 The next day, the priest journeyed to Eau Claire "
find out who owned the property...." upon which the nefarious cross
was burned.44 Father 'Yinwegen learned from the appropriate real estate agency
that the Cornell school district had an option on the propensity which expired
during the previous week. The priest made a down payment of fifty dollars
and the te: acre plot became the property of the Catholic Church.45 In his
Memoirs, Father V'izeg-en relates the following anecdote. 
Great was the surprise and the shock of 1ir. 
Hansom, Town Treasurer, to take the 10 acres off the tax roll, as it was
church property., The Klan had suggested it. Where they had burned a fiery
at the end of Main Street, on the -ost 
beautiful spot of the tovm site, Holy 
Cross 2atholic Church was to be erected in 
3%Iinwegen, "The K. K. K. ," Memoirs, p. 74. 
the following a. ecdote are substantiated by Father 7. L, Kuouf, presently
Pastor of St. Joseoh's Catholic Church at Prescott.  (Perso -al letter of
Fr. B. L. Kuouf to John A., Turcheneske, Jr.; December 22, 1970.) 

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