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Turcheneske, John Anthony / The Ku Klux Klan in northwestern Wisconsin

Chapter 3: Father Minwegen fights the Klan,   pp. 43-58 PDF (5.3 MB)

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his Pastor's part in the matter.39 Incensed, several Protestants embarked
upon a scheme to rid Cornell of its 
Catholic priest. One of the instigators let it be knoTn that a Protestant
friend of Cardinal !undelein's had informed His Eminence that a certain priest
in Cornell was 
causing community dissension.40 Father M1inwegen was soon called to Chicago
to explain matters. Had it not been for the intervention of the Bishop of
LaCrosse, matters might 
have taken a more serious turn.41 Cardinal 1rundelein had informed Father
Minwegen's Oblate superiors. However, one of the superiors explained to the
missionary that Bishop McGavick of LaCrosse 
....,"sent us the report about the situation in 
Cornell, the doings of the K.K.K., and the noble defense you put u-o against
them. He 
advised us to keep hands of:C in your case as 
Father Minwegen is an Oblate who has done 
excellent work in my diocese an-' in Cornell 
in particular. He deserves unstinted credit 
for the fine work he did in the Cornell 
comlmunity" 42 
39kinwegan,  "Narrow Escape No. 11," .Memoirs, p. 78.. 
Ibid   pp. 76 and 80. Father Linwegen noted that 
this was the only pretext they could use as he received his citizenship papers
by then. Cardinal Mundelein was the Archbishop of Chicago. 
Ibid., p. 78. As it was, Cardinal Mundelein would 
have had -no authority over Father Minwegen since the priest was working
for the Diocese of LaCrosse--thus being under the legal jurisdiction of the
local Ordinary. Accordingly, the Cardinal had no legal grounds for the interference
the work of the missionary. 
-   id. pp. f7 f4_ 

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