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Turcheneske, John Anthony / The Ku Klux Klan in northwestern Wisconsin

Chapter 3: Father Minwegen fights the Klan,   pp. 43-58 PDF (5.3 MB)

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Minwegen counselled his parishoners to practice the virtues of fortitude
and patience and to avoid violence. The Catholics of Cornell were content
to quietly distribute pamphlets which refuted the ravings of Pat Malone.28
Passive resistance on the part of the Catholics only served to increase Klan
provocations. There followed several incidents which prompted Father Minwegen
to embark on a course of action against the Klan. The first of these involved
Sever Solie who was an employee of the Cornell Wood Products Company. A distraught
parishoner by now, Solie reported to his Pas-or the incessant insults received
from many of his fellow mill employees. It was bad enough to have to endure
them during the lunch hour, but to have to sit out the taunts during the
working hours was simply too much to bear for"....any man with red blood
in his vein's."'29 Describing for the priest several of the barbs which
had to be endured, Solie explained that the mill employees. 
....'tell us we are dupes and slaves of the 
"dago-pope", call the Blessed Virgin by a 
blasphemous n~ae I don't care to repeat: They call the Pope a son of a b.
and the 
anti-Christ, etc. Today I felt like 
seizing the sledgehammer and knocking out 
the brains of the fellow who insulted me and my religion with his vile talk,
But I 
remembered your warning, "No violence," and 
I had to take it, but I do not know how 
28 Minwegen, "The K. K. K., "M1emoirs, p.. 68. None of these pamphlets
are available* 

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