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Turcheneske, John Anthony / The Ku Klux Klan in northwestern Wisconsin

Chapter 3: Father Minwegen fights the Klan,   pp. 43-58 PDF (5.3 MB)

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Through a cross burning incident, Father Uinwegen 
discovered that a Catholic by the name of Christopherson had joined the KIluxers.
Christopherson, a Cornell garage owner, had used some " ....fine tubing
which connects the gas tank and the carburetor in a Ford runabout.... "
to tie the cotton around the cross.24 It was this copper tubing which betrayed
the man. Father linwegen had informed him of this. The garage owner now feared
a Catholic boycott. This was indeed an ironic situation inasmuch as Christopherson
was forced to join the Klan out of business considerations.25 Thus did the
missionary chronicle another instance of Klan intimidation. 
There were other instances of Klan harrassment which had to be contended
with by the Catholics of Cornell. 
Postcards were circulated by the Klan which carried a "....picture of
the Tree Things That do Not .arry: a dog, a bog and a bull with a ring in
his nose and a priest's biretta on his head and literature marking the Tope
inRome as the Anti-Christ.''26 In addition, there were circulated speeches
by Pat alone--an alleged ex-priest.27 Father 
,24inwegen, "Free Masons," Memoirs, p.. 60. 
26Minwegen, "The K. K. K.," M1emoirs, p. 68. 
27Ibid. Father linwegen's discussion of rat :alone as an alleged ex-priest
will be found in the introductory chapter. Of particular interest in this
regard is the revelation that, orior to affiliating with the Klan, Malone
was espousing anti-kierican as well as anti-Catholic sentiments. 

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