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Turcheneske, John Anthony / The Ku Klux Klan in northwestern Wisconsin

Chapter 2: Klanitor from Clear Lake,   pp. 22-42 PDF (6.7 MB)

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citizens who should join--real men who would take a stand for God and country.64
The foregoing was the last time Klan propaganda 
appeared in the Clear Lake Star. It was a neat attempt at presenting a philosophy
of righteousness so that the residents of Clear Lak<e might be convinced
that they too could have a part in the grand design of remaking America.
But the Klan's philosophy, wolf-like in its apotheosis of intolerance, was
clothed in the sheepskin of Americenism. To the undiscerning eye, Klan membership
meant the opportunity to do something great for -America. 
The Klan was never heard from again as a factor in 
Clear Lake community life after Yiay( 1924. Editor Rothgvber left the Star
after Yay and did not return until late Autumn of 1924. However, on several
occasions between 1924 and the end of 1926, there did appear several snatches
of news relating to Klan activities in several northwestern Wisconsin communitieso65
These news items revealed all too well the social upheaval as perpetrated
by the Kluxers. The foregoing chapter reveals bigotry cloaked in a supposedly
benign philosophy of Americanism. 7hat follows reveals that where the Ku
Kltux Klan was active, bigotry and hatred ruled the day. 
Clear Lake Star, May 7, 1924. p. 4. 
650f particular interest here are the  Tovember 18, and 25, 1925 issues of
the Clear Lake Star. 

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