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Turcheneske, John Anthony / The Ku Klux Klan in northwestern Wisconsin

Chapter 1: introduction ,   pp. 1-21 PDF (8.0 MB)

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For all of Pat Malone's vituperation against the 
Catholics, the question might well be raised as to w:hy the 
agitator escaped many a potential libel and slander suit. 
Part of the answer lies in the idea of accusation by 
insinuation. Thus a lecturer such as IMalone was able to 
make disparaging comments about a particular priest's 
conduct by indirect implication. So long as a particular 
priest's name was not mentior-ed, or the lecturer explained 
that he was describing a situation as it was told hit, he 
remained within the bounds of the libel laws. The following 
has just completed a number of public meetings in this City, and the burden
of his talks was the vilification and slandering of everything Catholic.
His line was the same as it has been for centuries by his kind, viz, the
supposed immorality of the Catholic priests and sisters, the allegance of
Catholic to the Pope rather than to their country in all matters--in temporal
as well as in things spiritual, the KC oath, etc., etc.," (Letter of
S. A. Mclnnis to the Sundav Visitor Publishing Coip:any, September 13, 1926,
as- enclosed in Nevins Letter.) 
Earlier allusions to Palone's having been an ex-priest and the effects of
?Ialone's diatribes can be seen in the following comMents of a MIenomonie,
Wisconsin resident. "In attempting to get some information on one Fat
Lalone, Klan organizer, who clai,2s to be an ex-priest, I sent to you for
"The Defamers of the Church." I have received the eighteenth revised
edition and I an unable to find anything that seems to fit h im. Last fall
he gave a series of lectures in a tent about eight miles west of Menomonie,
Wisconsin. At the present time he is doing the same between Menomonie and
I.Ieno,3onie Jct. As coi itions are becoming almost unliveable for Catholics
in this comf.unity. I would be very glad to get sorue definite information
on him." (Letter of John H. Trayler to Our Sunday Visitor, June 23,
1926, as enclosed in Nevins LeTfir. 

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