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Turcheneske, John Anthony / The Ku Klux Klan in northwestern Wisconsin

Chapter 1: introduction ,   pp. 1-21 PDF (8.0 MB)

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Embracing the Klan's ideology of one hundred percent 
Americanism, Pat 1malone, on several occasions during the 
twenties reiterated his claim of being a former Catholic 
priest. For example, during September of 1926 at Virginia, 
Minnesota, it was said that "Mr. M alone claims to be the 
last of 17 young preachers who, following their ordination. 
dedicated their lives to uncovering the alleged evils of 
the Roman system."26  It was claimed that 1alone read out 
of a Catholic Bible, stating that it was as good as the 
Protestant :-ible.29 Malone claimed to be fighting the 
Roman system and not the religion.30 
have been affiliate with one or both of these groups prior to lecturing for
the Klan. John Highan, in his Strangers In The land, notes that, along with
The Menace, there grew ....a lr~ge publishing plant which emplo d35 people,
did a rousing mail-order business printing anti-Catholic books, and arranged
engagements for anti-Catholic lecturers." According to Higham, the KE'nights
of Luther (which also utilized the services of anti-Catholic lecturers) was
one of several nativist Protestant political secret societies founded sometime
after 1911. Highan's citation would seem to suggest that 1915 might be the
year in v.'1ich this group materiali zed.  (tighs am  traners In r'he Land,
pp. 180 and 182. As for the documents relatinto the Kruger matter at Withee
(Chippewa County, Wisconsin, Father Schuster 
explained that "Ahanded all my documents over to Judge Parker of Madison,
Wisconsin at the time of the Krueger trial at Withee and he told me that
it was not wise to publish any of them but that if I ever would get another
chance at M r. Arthur Mialone they would be only too glad if they could be
of any service to settle his long account." (Schuster to Hull, October
27, 1925, as enclosed in Nevins Letter.) 
2Qiueen C.   Sun (Virginia, M innesota), September 10, 1926, as enclosed
in Nevins Letter. 
30Ibid. A Virginia City resident was moved to remark 
that "A renegade Irishman--at least, he claims to be Irish-- 

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