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Turcheneske, John Anthony / The Ku Klux Klan in northwestern Wisconsin

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allies Great Britain and the United States would lose the war. Fr. Schuster
him to the authorities. He was arrested, 
accused of making unpatriotic speeches and 
giving comfort to the enemy. It was 
established in court that he had never 
been a priest, not even a seminarian, that 
he was not and never had been a Catholic.27 
27Minwegen, "The K.K.K.," Memoirs, p. 73. Father Minwegen also
stated that Pat M'alone's acutal name was V,.*not Irish, nor Pat Mialone,
but that he was a German Lutheran named Schulz. He was sentenced to two years
That Malone's real name was Schulz and was sentenced to two years imprisonment
remains open to question. However, an extant document from the pen of the
priest who exposed the agitator for hat he was--Father R. J. Schuster, O..I.-does
shed additional light on this problem. ,riting from Sisseton, South Dakota
in October of 1925, Fr. Schuster 
remarked that: "Concerning this man: "Pat M[alone' whose real nane
is Arthur L:alone I have sufficient information on hand to put him out again
as I did before if the people and clergy dovn there at Wisconsin will give
me a chance to meet him. But all the things I can put out against him in
any audience are of such a nature that they have to be handled carefully
and according to the circumstances. This man even though he has bills against
his honesty in a number of places and has been affiliated with several 
abortion Doctors in Fake-Hospital stunts and had insinuating pictures taken
of himself dressed as a priest and a young lady as a sister in positions
of real immorality; and was the driving power behind the famous refusal of
the Krueger boys at Withee to enlist in the army and all the t~ouble caused
there and the bloodshed resulting, this man who never passed even the 8th
grade and does not know how to spell the word priest this man who was with
Spurgeon in Iowa under the auspices of the Knights of Luther and got in a
dirty mess, this man I say is held too high b , the Menace crowd...."
 (Letter of Fr. R. J., Schuster to Robart R. Hull, October 27, 1925, as enclosed
in YTevins Letter. :-ull was the director of the National Catholic Bureau
of Information located at Huntington, Indiana.) 
In regard to MJalone and the matter of abortion, it is interesting to note
that, at his Oconto slander trial, he 
was asked whether he " off the names and affidavit of some doctor
that had taken care of girls...." 1;lalone replied in the negative.
(Testimony of Pat M-alone, Malone Trial, pp. 105-106.)  Regarding the"lenace"
crowd and The Knights of htuher, the possibility exists that Malone could

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