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Turcheneske, John Anthony / The Ku Klux Klan in northwestern Wisconsin

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Vhile engaging in this work, Pat Malone claimed on 
several occasions that he was an ex-Catholic priest. 
Additionally, prior to his Klan work of the tW-nties, Pat 
'alone was also engaged in anti-Americanism. A Cornell 
missionary, Father Peter Liinwegen recorded this aspect 
of Malonets career as follows. 
The career of the ex-priest, Pat Malone, suddenly 
came to an inglorious end, owing to the vigilant 
eye of Rev. Fr. Schuster, 0.'i.I. Pat Malone had 
just reached the lowest depth of infamous insults 
against the Catholic Church at a pageant he had 
staged in Niellsville, Wisconsin.26 At that 
pageant he was leading a procession, carrying a huge cross, while flirting
with a bevy of young women who were dressed as nuns while he wore the 
garb of a Catholic priest. On that occasion he 
proved frotn the pages of the Bible that the 
to hurl his verbal filth to a crowd of men who have been easy enough to allow
the agitator to separate them from their coin. The character of noble women
who areilivi i their lives in the hospitals and schools of our land are assailed;
men whose lives are consecrated to the work of 
leading millions to higher iaeals and a bettet understanding of the purpose
of life are attached, and even the Protestant 
ministers, who will not stoop to throw mud, come in for their share of the
muckraking .... ITen who have been life long friends have become enemies,
people bi different religious faith have begun to boycott each other in business,
little children on the street hurl vile epithets at each other, and 
all because Pat IIalone, the professional agitator has coae to town. (Rev.
F. R. Wedge to Editor, the Omaha WorldHerald, August 18, 1914, as enclosed
in Nevins letter, 
January 26, 1971.) 
26Fr.. Peter -inwegen, O.,.I. "The K.K.K.," Memoirs of Father Peter
!ine '-n , O..I., Unpublished, p. 73. Pat Malone himself testified at his
Oconto trial that he had previously operated in  ielsville. (Testimony of
Pat Malone, Malone Trial, pp. 95-96.) 

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