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Turcheneske, John Anthony / The Ku Klux Klan in northwestern Wisconsin

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Malone affiliated with the Klan as a lecturer sometime 
during the early twenties. 
Pat ILalone, however, had a long history of self-styled 
evangelistic work prior to lecturing on behalf of the Klan., 
One' source had it that Malone was engaged in this type of 
work for nearly twenty years--utilizing the Scriptures to 
substantiate his interpretations of current events.2 
Wisconsin was not the only victim of his rabble rousing 
invective. Such diverse areas as Elm Creek, Nebraska and 
Oakland, California were scenes of social disruption after a 
Malone visit.25 
4arron County News-Shield, October 9, 1925, p. 1. 
25Testinony of Pat Malone, 11alone Trial, pp. 9-l. A number of Oakland's
citizens must have been upset with Malone's ravings inasmuch as Malone made
note of the fact that a group came to one of his meetings with the intention
of lynching him. The earliest ascertainable date of Malone's evangelistic
activities was August 18, 1914 at Elm Creek, Nebraska. The following account
illustrates the social disruption following a Malone visit. Though the year
is 1914, the situation aptly describes what took place during the twenties.
Wrote the Rev. F. R. Tedge, an Elm Creek, Nebraska Protestant minister: "Just
a word about that professional agitator, Fat 1,Malone, the anti-Catholic
lecturer, who has been holding a campaign of villification in our com.:.unit;r
for several days and after he has raised all the hell he can here, will go
to another Nebraska ton 
to create some more of the brimstone variety....Pat Malone came to our little
town and found the people here enjoying industrial peace, industrial fraternity
and religious 
tolerance and when he leaves tomorrow there will be conditions which will
take years to remedy. This is a sample of his methods.: Arriving in town,
he rallies a few of his followers who save alroady been worked up to a high
key of excite.ent by blood curdling stories of the "t1enace."t
Malone then tells them that there is great danger of somebody shootin_ hi-
while he is delivering his lecture. Guards are stationed in front of and
in the rear of the hall 
where he speaks and then when the stage setting is just right the Malone
fireworks come off and the lecturer begins 

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