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Turcheneske, John Anthony / The Ku Klux Klan in northwestern Wisconsin

Chapter 1: introduction ,   pp. 1-21 PDF (8.0 MB)

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as quickly as it arose. Though the*Klan cannot be faulted for not making
a concerted effort, its polial efforts proved futile. Adverse court actions
served to discredit it. Too, money was a problen--there never seemed to be
enough of it. Also, membership interest lagged after a time. Interestingly
enough, no news was heard about Klan activities in a given area once the
Kluxers had completed their campaign.. Finally, the peak of Klan activity
was the Spring, Summer and early Fall of 1926 (particularly in relation to
St. Croix and Pierce Counties)--after which Klan activities experienced a
rapid decline. By 1927, the Klan was no longer a viable factor in the life
of northwestern Wisconsin.  In short. the long range effect of the Klan's
influence was practically nil. However, the Klan did have a serious short
term ef'fect on those communities its program had touched--community discord.
Only time could heal the wounds of social disruption., 
The thesis of this study is illustrated and supported 
by the following evidence. Province Number Four, Knights of the Ku Klux Klan,
Realm of Wisconsin, was operative no earlier than February of 1924. One of
the first areas to be organized was Clear Lake. The T7lan's Clear Lake operation
is illustrative of the order's sense of Americanism. Couched in a slick veneer
of idealism, prospective members failed to grasp the more dangerous elements
of Klan philosophy. Broadly speaking, America would be remade in the image

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