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[Wright's directory of Rock County for 1919 comprising an alphabetical arranged list of business firms and private citizens; a classified business directory; a numerical street directory; a miscellaneous directory of city and county officers, schools, churches, banks, incorporated institutions, societies, etc.]

L,   pp. 668-681

Page 671

Large Frank (USA) h 80 Wester 
arge Jno H lab h 80 Western al 
Large Jno jr lab h w e Park av : 
Larkin Howard tester h 1085 Pa 
Larsen Georgia h 908 Euclid av 
Larsen Hans P shoe mkr 215 E P 
Larsen Lawrence h 908 Euclid ai 
Larsen Lillian A emp J Foster C0 
Larsen Louis bench hd h 940 3d 
Larsen Oscar reporter News h 90 
Larson Albert L drftamn h 678 hd 
Larson Alvin N carp h 1924 W St 
5arson Arne H (72) died Apr 22 
barson Betsy (wid Arne H) h 10 
.arson Chas (USN) h 678 Mflwa 
Larson Chas J cement contr 1567 
Larson Edw M millwrt h 916 3d 
Larson Edw 0 mach h 826 Highli 
Larson Elmer (USA) h 604 Pleas 
Larson Jno bldg contr 1149 Hack 
Larson Lillian M h 678 Milwauke 
Larson Louis carp h 606 W Merri 
Larson Louis mold h 716 Oak 
larson Louis S lumber hndlr h 85 
iarson Luvia L chf elk Besley & 
iarson Mabel dom h 825 Lincoln 
iarson Peter S jeweler 411 E Gr 
larson Raymond (USA) h 825 L 
iarson Rudolph maeh hd h 825 L 
,arson Susan wid Peter h 825 L 
ia Rue Florence mach opr h 721 
lasher Erwin welder h 323 W R4 
iasher Raymond 0 mach Bealey 
askowske Paul R mach h 103] 
ass Dorothy elk C R, Jobe h 741 
ass Wm A mold h 741 Garfield i 
'ast Otto (USA) h 1256 La Sa4 
'athers Frank (USN) h 403 Euci 
athers Jos M bldg supt Lipman 
athers Victor (USA) h 403 Eucl 
iathrop Lottie E steno h 148 Gar 
athrop Merrill J janitor High se 
W. mows"a 
mum iatf 
M alGsN 

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