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[Wright's directory of Rock County for 1919 comprising an alphabetical arranged list of business firms and private citizens; a classified business directory; a numerical street directory; a miscellaneous directory of city and county officers, schools, churches, banks, incorporated institutions, societies, etc.]

L,   pp. 668-681

Page 669

AI We        C.. 
.. BNDLOIT CI       DRn3C10' rY 161 
Lacgaseisa Peter fireman 8 W S Corp h 36 .Harrison av (SB) 
La Court Michl foreman FM Co h 14 Porter av 
La Duet Bert maoh Bsd  Co h 748- W Grand av 
Ladwig Robt F meh'PMXO h a a Cranston I e River rd 
Laecker Benj G males h 8=8 W Gand sv 
Laffin -JaeBh b0 6 Par&  - 
Laffin Ju J mah H & W Co h 986 Park av 
Laffin Mark mah R 4 W Co h 464 W Shiuland av 
Laffin Mary h 464 W Shirland av 
Laffin Wm elk h 464 W Shfrland av 
La Forde Walter C rendeomr h 1001 W St Lawrenee av 
LA FORGE JORl T &       MR NO Walter C Is Forge Mgr 
Tallow Hides and Fars 417 Broad Office Tel 176 Works Tel 
537 (See pag 489) 
La Forge Walter C mgr Beloit Paper House h 909 W St Law- 
rence av 
Lahman Jeannette (wid Goo) h 616 4th 
Laib Frank B ptrnmkr h -704 Moore 
Laird Edw lab h 1160 Elm 
Laird Jno J motor h 1200 Strong av 
Laird Mamie h 1160 Elm 
Laird Thou mold h 944 4th 
Laird Wm W mach h 1160 Elm 
Lake Alonzo mach h 541 Park pl 
Lake Bessie h 525 8th 
Lake Irene mat ehf opr Wi. Tel Co h 525 8th 
Lake Jas (USA) h 525 8th 
Lake Mary (wid Chu) h 525 8th 
Lake Theo supt h 744 Bluff 
Lakey Howard B (USA) h 810 E Grand av 
Lakey Lewis G fndry supt P B Yates Mach Co h 810 E Grand 
Lakken Christ mach F M Co h 730 9th 
La Marche Jerry pntr h 1128 10th 
Lambert Jno G ast sales mgr P B Yates Mach Co h 1020 5th 
Lambie Marg (wid Wm) h 1192 Dewey av 
Lamia Jasper mold 8 W 8 Corp h 920 St Paul av 
[amia Nichl mold 8 W S Corp h 113 Park av 
Lamkin Percy H (USA) Ih 1022 Central av 
Lammm Albert h 717 E rio av 
Lancaster Frank A pnte eontr 746 Hackett h same 
Lancaster Geo E maeh lad h 746 Hackett 
C. A. SMITH 00. Drw1tI 
Columbla and Bonora PhonogrIphs 
324 STA . A        6      SULOIT 
.  ..  ..... . . .....  Y ......... . . . . 
Mi I I      6-NNNNN1NNMdM   I 

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