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[Wright's directory of Rock County for 1919 comprising an alphabetical arranged list of business firms and private citizens; a classified business directory; a numerical street directory; a miscellaneous directory of city and county officers, schools, churches, banks, incorporated institutions, societies, etc.]

Street guide,   pp. [61]-123

Page 86

0. J. SMITH, Egr. 
Telephion R. C. 168 Beek 15 W. ilhws SL. 
26 yeis whmnt los 
to an Investor 
Union ends 
164 Edward F Hemming 
Geo W Cook 
167 Alvaro S Krotz 
170 Ida Harris 
Anna Tyson 
173 Geo M Neumer 
175 Frank B Hayes 
176 Fred H   Bielharz 
181 Mrs Katherine Corliss 
182 Thos E Welsh 
School intersects 
202 Marcus Holbrook 
203 Jno Drew 
209 Chas Atwood 
210 Mrs Harriet.Jeffris 
215 Mrs Mary E Pennison 
Floyd W Bennison 
220 Nichl Sehenck 
Mrs Mary Peterson 
221 Mrs Elizabeth Farnsworth 
Mrs Mary Hopkins 
Holmes Intersects 
252 Geo W   Kenning 
Geo Bassford 
255 Danl Luby 
Glen Smith 
Dr Robt L Mac Cornack 
258 Jno E Lane 
265 James J Sheridan 
Mary E Sheridan mustchr 
266 Dr Aaml B Buckniaster 
270 Alonzo Hubbard 
Robt Buchh, 1z 
271 Peter A Gibbs 
Mrs Mary Connors 
Rock Intersects 
302 Elizabeth (,Gara 
303 Geo Swanson 
307 Rudolph Doh 
308 Mrs Mary Irwin 
Fannie Wilson 
311 Wallace M Johnston 
314 Jacob L Spellman 
315 Garfield School 
318 Mrs Cath Zienow 
Jno S Scidmore 
320 Mrs Margaret Stewart 
326 Chas A Yates 
Valentine M Mott 
86   Jackson S        1919 STREET GUIDE               Jackson 8 
403 Richard F Finley 
406 Frank M Dewey 
Jansville Ii.& Leather Co. 
407 Frank C Spohn grocer 
408 Wm J Baumann 
411 Jno J Sheridan 
412 Mrs Louisa Kuhlow 
413 Saml Watson 
416 Jno W Hemming 
417 Wm Kuhlow 
421 Geo M Birmingham 
422 Otto W Muenchow 
425 Thos F Kelty 
426 Jno P Mulligan 
429 Wm J Kennedy 
430 Jas Casey 
433 Jno F Dunphy 
434 Mary Murray 
437 Chas J Gregg 
Galen& Intersects 
501 Thos H Peterson 
502 Wm F Wobig 
Paul F Kohler 
506 Wm A Hein 
Robt Laubsch 
507 Emil J Roesling 
510 David J Cochrane 
Mrs Carrie Nehis 
511 Fred J Beilharz 
514 Geo W   Muenchow 
517 Mrs Anna Koch 
520 Wm R Hayes 
524 Geo S Flaherty 
525 Jas P Gillespie 
528 Edward J Roach 
529 Edward Gillespie 
532 Everett Hall 
535 Mrs Nellie Goodman 
538 Jno P Heider 
539 Mrs Margaret Gannon 
542 Francis M Roach 
543 Thos J Birmingham 
546 Adolph Sorenson 
547 Wm M Hutton 
552 Fred Connors 
553 Otho L Barnhill 
Oak ends 
Nels Landvork 
Wm Bahr 
Herman Schiefelbein 
Jno W Keenan 
Boyd C Gardner 
Mrs Johanna Casmmerer 
Mrs Sarah E Duller 
Thomas Cox 

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