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[Wright's directory of Rock County for 1919 comprising an alphabetical arranged list of business firms and private citizens; a classified business directory; a numerical street directory; a miscellaneous directory of city and county officers, schools, churches, banks, incorporated institutions, societies, etc.]

Street guide,   pp. [61]-123

Page 79

remont av S  STREET GUIDE 1919  Gartland av  79 
57 Jas L Smith 
N Vista av ends 
622 Andrew B Timany      n 
OrntOn eds 
,16 Walter Copeland 
Wheeler ends 
779 Elon Crippa 
Sharn    tetrset 
807 Orlando V Hawthorn 
Dudley Somerville 
830 Robt H Simpson 
1ALENA, from 500 5 River w to 
102 ,1no V Riley 
103 Mrs Bessie Lohrman 
Franklin and S Jackson intersect 
314 Jos W Weber 
315 Chas F Denron 
31S Otto Bork 
321 Tos H Kolb grocer 
Msrs Mary Gokey 
M heatnut begins 
324 Win C Butts 
354 Jno W Sullivan 
357 G(o Dougherty 
35S Herman A Remus 
S High intersects 
402.5112 Fourth Ward Park 
403 Eugene W  Wall 
Albert C Antes 
Mrs Carrie Smith 
405 Frank Kelly 
411 Ernest 0 Sievert 
413 Peter Kelly 
Mrs Bertha Cole 
417 Albert Stark 
421 Mrs Maggie Nickel 
Bridget J Sehivner 
427 Mark Hull 
Park iv Intersects 
45 2 Frank Ryder 
467 Louis W Goede 
Lincoln and Cherry intersects 
61:1 C'arl A Otto 
0 Academy Intersects 
714 Earl Campbell 
Locust and Llnn intersect 
91: qhOsMurgt     av Intersects 
009 Mrs Ida Rutledge 
Mrs Laura North 
1014 Geo C McLean 
1020 Fred Depold 
8 Washlngton, Pine and Walnut 
1715-51 Zed 0 Bowen gardener 
Fred E Knight 
GARFIELD AV (N), from 1001 
Milwaukee av n to St Maz's &v 
425 Elroy B Hilton 
500 Andrew Walker 
GARFIELD AV (B), from 1000 
Milwaukee av   to Wheeler 
115 Eugene Fredendall 
145 Chas J McKewan 
Chas D McCarthy 
8 2d intersecto 
231 Geo Whiting 
S 3d InteeWt 
309 Howard A Sailor 
Oakland av interseW 
419 Clifford J Smith 
427 Fred L Smith 
442 Jno H Andrews 
446 Anton M Malmberg 
Nels Malmberg 
452 Thos 0 Murphy      ne 
Eain  ntrsetl 
501 Alfred H Baldock 
505 Benj W Fuder 
Mamie Gillespie 
Wmu McLaughlin 
511 Edw Bohlman 
512 Jno Joyce 
517 Mrs Priscilla A Hillabrandt 
Clark IntersetS 
N Vista &v begins 
624 Wm E Clinton 
630 Frank W Gibson 
636 Win M Hamilton 
Jno M Hamilton 
646 Jno M Whitehead 
a Vista AV beons 
Carrington Intersets 
703 Aug N Hedborg 
715 Jas P Bartlett 
Mrs Julia Anderson 
721 Albert H Kienow 
GARTLAND AV, from ry track w 
to 100 N Washingt 
1421 Jno M Woletz 
0. A. SMITH 0O. Druggists 
Columbla and Sonora Phonographs 
324 STATE gT.   1hone 0     BELOIT 
00 odil's 
Bilk at 
Low. Test 
BeSt Gide 
Auto Oils 
for wit 
and Sier 
Auto Tire 
United Staiel 
Penn, and 
TB.  Q d 
433 LINS 
4,r- i 
3tLUT. mi 
rho" a 

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