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[Wright's directory of Rock County for 1919 comprising an alphabetical arranged list of business firms and private citizens; a classified business directory; a numerical street directory; a miscellaneous directory of city and county officers, schools, churches, banks, incorporated institutions, societies, etc.]

Street guide,   pp. [61]-123

Page 77

Ooo. A. Jaoobs Agenoy 
utemll bo ie, Fir, Luty, elksi 
PHONES: 84 17% NS As.Ik 0S.  OffMia 17 I. Main *L. 
Franklin N         STREET GUIDE 1919        flanklin S   77 
2 Jae L Smith 
3 Fred Gehrs 
104 Janesville Feather Mattress 
106-110 Eser's Ale Brewery 
107-109 C J Jones & Son leaf to- 
113-123 Janesville Delivery Co 
115 2 Henry Linneman 
3 Ellsworth Ashley 
116 F G Borden Co leaf tobacco 
120-122 N L Carle & Co leaf tob 
121 2 Mrs Edna Crall nurse 
Frances Crall nurse 
3 Mrs Hattie Bliven 
N  Bluff Internets 
202 Badger State Machine Co 
211 Fred Bergdoll 
215 Jas Doheny 
216 Janesville Shirt & Overall Co 
219 Jno Heller 
221 Aug Tobian 
Mrs Amanda Miller 
223 Vacant 
226 Karl Johnson 
22S Jno J Nederberg 
229 Rich Skelley 
Jno Mickle 
2:13 Vacant 
234 Otto Johnson 
235-237 Fifleld Lumber Co coal 
36 Chas Stark. 
Race intersects 
By tracks Cross 
:11 Mrs Eva Bauer 
3 14 Floyd Fluaitt 
317 Chas Mahn 
320 Jno W F Zamzow shoe repr 
321 Otto E Graf 
Aug F. Krueger 
326 Edgar B Barraclough 
327 Jno Mulquin 
:13: Earl Cutts 
BaVine Intersects 
41,2 Alexander Stomper 
4, S Frank Pufahl 
42I Wm Mosher 
t32 Robt Else 
4:14 Mrs Anna Schermerhorn 
436 Vacant 
PRANKLIN (8), from 201 W Mil- 
waukee s to the river 
2 Vacant 
9 Marg Broseau mlnr 
10 Vacant 
12 Albert W Wollin 
14 Mrs Ella Clarida 
15-17 Federal Building 
Post Office 
U S Revenue Collector 
16 Seth H Berg 
Frank Malbon 
Jno B Moasher 
18 Wm H Dickerson 
Paul Kirehoff 
Mrs Mary E O'Hara 
22 Cha R Handy 
51 Saml A Cooper 
52-54 Interurban Hotel 
Carl Heise 
53 Everett Purintyn 
56 Wm Hemming, pntr contr 
57 Merrick Dairy Co 
60-62 Joe A Denning genl contr 
65 Chas Preston 
67 Mrs Thea Johnson 
70 Cargill Memorial M E Church 
Pleasant intersects 
108 Jno G Kilmer 
Wendell Kilmer 
120 Herman F Husen 
center intersects 
151-201 Janesville Machine Co 
152 Walter C Wiedemer 
154 Frank Mapes 
158 Mrs Susan E Egbert 
164 Geo Sareliff 
168 Mrs Carrie Belden 
170 Kate Liddell 
176 Edw J McCue 
School intersnet 
202 Wm L Canniff 
203 Janesville Barb Wire Co 
206 Louis Heller 
208 Jno Mapes 
Peter Schneider 
Chas Mapes 
209 Mrs Melvina Sclmer 
2]4 Albert Osell 
215 Mrs Sarah Jackman 
220 Chas W Clatworthy 
206 E. Main St. NONE Evauvll, WIs. AD COAL 

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