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[Wright's directory of Rock County for 1919 comprising an alphabetical arranged list of business firms and private citizens; a classified business directory; a numerical street directory; a miscellaneous directory of city and county officers, schools, churches, banks, incorporated institutions, societies, etc.]

Street guide,   pp. [61]-123

Page 74

FRANK D, KIMBALL-'                      FURNITURE 
22-t4 Wet llwaue SL., Janeuville, Wls. PRIM ALWAYS THE LOWEST 
74   East S              1919 STREET GUIDE                     Elizabeth
St Lawrence intersects 
115 Mrs Emma A Carpenter 
118 Mrs Martha Wheelock 
122 Vacant 
8 2d intersects 
203 Thos S Stinson 
209 Roger G Cunningham 
217 Ensign H Hansom 
229 Bert Billings 
* 3d intersects 
318 Jno P Smith 
Oakland av Intersects 
414 Edw R Doty 
430 David W Holmes 
Mrs Laura E Randolph 
441 Chas E Fisher 
EASTERN AV (E), from 1001 Be- 
loit av e to limits 
26 Geo Hogan 
cor Bingham Vacant 
411) Edw H Paul 
421 Chas E Ward 
Stephen S Burhans 
At limits Rock County Sugar Co 
Arthur W Robbel 
EASTEMN AV (W), from 1001 Be. 
lolt av w to S Pine 
116 Wm H Lathers 
120 Jno 0 Rocher & Son Mfg Co 
Fred Morstadt 
Jerome begins 
Mrs Mary Arndt 
Fred Terwilliger 
Jos G Knoll 
Edw Sonnenburg 
Jos Gower 
Jno Minnick 
Janesville Traction Co barn 
Orra Powers 
Thos F Kelley 
Albert M Parkyn 
McKinley blvd intersects 
402 Howard Chapel 
423 Jackson School 
426 Cronin Dairy Co 
Lawrence J Cronin 
432 Mrs Bridget Viney 
438 Mrs Eliza Wilhelmy 
Industrial av begins 
475 Jno C Lyons 
480 Otto F Preums 
Mrs Bertha Preuss 
Mrs Louise Allen 
502 Fred Brechbuals 
505 Edwin Mans 
514 Herman Thomas 
550 Peter Joyce 
Park av intersects 
606 Mri Winifred A Joyce 
609 Emil Kath 
614 Albert F Schultz 
628 Lee Rook 
632 Robert Took 
640 Austin Kakuske 
648 August Miller 
658 Jno Miller Sr 
662 Paul Bluhm 
Cherry continued 
703 August Berger 
709 Louis Brummond 
721  eo Homan 
a Academy continued 
810 Arthur J O'Donnell 
Center av InterseCts 
1104 Otto Nehmer 
1111 Chas Henning 
1122 Frank W   Freiman 
1123 Wm Henning 
a Terrace intersects 
1202 Jos Preston* 
Wm H McGill 
1215 Vacant 
1220 Gustav Wolfgram 
Ole Sorenson 
Mrs Mary McKinnon 
1221 Fred K Dean 
1302 Gottlieb Fuelleman 
1305 Mrs Mary Fornecker 
1308 Paul Wolfgram 
a Oatham interect 
ELI     BTH., from 601 N Was- 
Ington w to Oak Kll av 
1213 Frank 0 Emery 
1214 Roy K Smith 
1215 Jno W Kowing 
N Pearl interct 
1302 BenJ   P   Crosaman   cement 
"lONmh Rtock "a1 W s  e ag  weta   14 
415 North Bluff Street 

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