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[Wright's directory of Rock County for 1919 comprising an alphabetical arranged list of business firms and private citizens; a classified business directory; a numerical street directory; a miscellaneous directory of city and county officers, schools, churches, banks, incorporated institutions, societies, etc.]

Wright's Janesville directory: miscellaneous directory,   pp. [9]-20

Page 18

Janesville Rebekah Lodge No 171 
-Mrs Esther Foster N 0; Miis 
Margaret Gregg V G; Mrs Lena 
Harrington rec-sec; Mrs Rose M 
Davis fin-see; Mrs Olive Whaley 
treas; meets 1st and 3d Thurs- 
days each month at West Side 
I O 0 F hall 
Odd Fellows Social and Beneficial 
Club-C N Riker pres; T L Ma- 
son see; Geo Rogers treas; meets 
1st- Wednesday each month at 
East Side I 0 0 F hall 
Carroll Council No 596-Dr W H 
McGuire 0 K; Jno Comeford D 
G K; Thos Daly rec-see; W    B 
Sullivan fin-see; Thos Birming- 
ham treas; Jno McCue chan; 
meets 2d and 4th Thursdays Ilb 
E Milwaukee 
Knights of Columbus Club Rooms-- 
3, 118 E Milwaukee 
K of P 
Oriental Lodge No 22-Dr G B 
Thuerer C C; S S Solie V C; W 
R Kohler prelate; P 0 Hammar- 
lund K R S and M F; meets 
ever Wednesday Castle hall 12 
W Milwaukee 
Loyal Order of Moose 
Janesville Lodge No 197-Floyd B 
Adams D; Wm Hemming P D; 
Arthur Kresen V D; E G McCue 
prelate; Clarence Hemmens see; 
J A Murphy tress; meets! Thurs- 
day at 14 N Main 
Florence Camp No 366-J W Van 
Beynum V C; G W Chase W A; 
0 S Morse banker; J L Mason 
clerk; office 29 8 Main; meets 
2d and 4th Monday at West Side 
I 0 0 F hall 
MyKWto Workers of the World 
Janesville  Lodge  No  26-E    A 
Loomis P; Clam Wiseh M; J P 
Hammerlund see; 0 S Morse 
tress; meets lst and 3d Tuesdays 
at East Side I 00 F hall 
National Union 
Janesville Council No 238--C A 
Palmer pres; C H Gag ose-treas; 
meets on call 
kod     re m 
Lodge No 232-8 C Baker 3; F R 
Hoeblin eolr Art Ward tme; 
meets on al 
Eqal Leagu 
Omega Council No 214--J M Bick 
archon; J D King seribe; Dr F 
-B Farnsworth tress; meets on 
Royal Neighbor. 
Office  of  Supreme   Oracle--Mrs 
Eva Childs supreme oracle; 501 
Jackman bldg 
Crystal CampNo 132-Mrs Mary 
Crooks 0; Mrs Leona Sandmeye'r 
V 0; Mrs Alice Mason tee-see; 
Mrs Anna Wood' revr; meets 
2nd and 4th Wednesdays in West 
Side I 0 0 F hall 
Triumph Camp No 4084-Mrs Rose 
Ash oracle; Mrs Carrie Matthews 
vice-oracle; Mrs Allie B Mur- 
dock recorder; Catherine Parker 
receiver; meets 2ad and 4th 
Thursdays East Side I 0 0 F 
Unted Spanish War Vetecns 
Harry L Gifford Camp No 23-Chas 
L Hanson C; C H Cox S V C; 
Alfred Pearl J V C; C A Bucholz 
adj; J M Dixon Q M; meets 2d 
and 4th Wednesdays at City Hall 
Harry L Gifford Auxiliary No 7- 
Mary E Davis pres; Mrs Sarah 
C Dougherty or v-pres; Winifred 
Davis jr v-pres; Mrs Martha 
Cox see; Mrs Beatrice Hanson 
tress- meets 2nd Wednesday at 
1 06 F hall 
Janesville Camp No 127-Ge Ham- 
mes C C; Fred Cain A L; H D 
Murdock    banker;  Jas   Bovie 
clerk; A Bergman escort; meets 
lot and 3rd Fridays at Spanish 
Veterans ' hall 
MlseEisaees  Societe 
Arcadia Club-3-5, 101 E Milwau- 
Bower City Band-Organized 1863; 
Chs H Gibson pres; Clarence 
Foster v-pres; Gee W Muenchow 
see-treas; D J Drummond mgr; 
Prof W T Theile director; meets 
every Tuesday in East Side Carle 
Carajou Shooting Club-H 0 Cun- 
ningham pre; J C Rood v-pres; 
F CBurpe" se-tress; club house 
Lake Koskonong 
Chamber of Commerce of Janeeville 
Wh-J P Cullen prem; A J Gib- 
bons let v-prs4; Wm NeVier 2d 
v-pros; H a Rggart see-tress; 
F E Buss chairman; 0 C Boot- 
wick,     a   wugham, J M 
C   ors, wX Dougerty, J E 
Autn directors; Frank     Green 

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