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Wright's directory of Janesville for 1903 comprising an alphabetically arranged list of business firms and private citizens; a classified business directory; a miscellaneous directory; and a street directory of householders and business firms
Vol. V (1903)

W,   pp. 266-277

Y,   pp. 277-278

Page 277

'IW Ti Ill" C ceivrs 
JANBSVILLN DIRECTORY.               27" 
Wright Harry D. baker, h. 4 Division. 
Wright John P. carp. contr. h. 4 Division. 
Wright Jacob H. clk. 153 W. Milwaukee, h. 4o4 W. Bluff. 
Wright Josiah T. leather and findings, 124 W. Milwaukee, h. 12 
Mineral Pt. av. 
Wright Leo, brakeman, h. 256 W. Bluff. 
Wright Lizzie (wid. William) h. iii N. Franklin. 
Wright Mary (wid. Oscar D. M.) h. 270 S. Main. 
Wright Oliver, distributor, h. i it N. Franklin. 
Wright Raymond, porter, h. i ii N. Franklin. 
Wright Samuel, h. 58 Park av. 
Wulff Elizabeth (wid. Christian L.) h. 173 N. River. 
YAGER Caroline (wid. Christian) h. 8 Walker. 
Yahn Anna, h. 31 Milwaukee av. 
Yahn George W. (George W. Yahn & Co.) h. 31 Milwaukee av. 
Yahn George W. & Co. (George W. & Michael J. Yahn) meat- 
mkt. 117 W. Milwaukee. 
Yahn Michael J. (George W. Yahn & Co.) h. 155 N. High. 
Yahn Oscar H. student, h. 31 Milwaukee av. 
Yates Catherine P. (wid. Cornelius) h. io4 S. Academy. 
Yates Charles F. com. tray. I. 112 Madison. 
Yates Charles M. student, h. 112 Madison. 
Yates Clara. seamstress, h. 305 Cherry. 
Yates Eliza E. (wid. John H.) h. ao8 N. High. 
Yates James, drayman, 305 Cherry, h. same. 
Yates Mabel, h. 305 Cherry. 
Yates Raymond, bkpr. 51 N. High, h. 112 Madison. 
Yeomans Floyd H. ship.-clk. h. 55 S. High. 
Yeomans Louisa (wid. Philip) h. 7 5th av. 
Yeomans Reuben C. plumber, h. 55 S. High. 
Yonce Mary L clk. 4 S. Main, h. 166 Garfield av. 
Yonce Mary L. Mrs. milliner I2 E. Milwaukee, h. 166 Gar- 
field av. 
York James, condr. C. & N. W. Ry. h. 164 Center av. 
Young Alfred E. boilermkr. h. Y. M. C. A. 
Young Charles P. mach. h. 252 S River 
Young David B. clk. Grand Hotel, h. 6 S. Jackson. 
Young Henry, foreman, h. 306 Wall. 
Young Maude L stenog. to W. Milwaukee, h. 8 5th av. 
Young Men's Christian Association, F. F. Lewis, pres; S. B. 
Smith, v-pres A. Crawford, rec. sec.; J. C. Kline, gen. sec; 
W. G. =Pnr, trea,; 2o2 W. Milwaukee. 

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