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Wright's directory of Janesville for 1903 comprising an alphabetically arranged list of business firms and private citizens; a classified business directory; a miscellaneous directory; and a street directory of householders and business firms
Vol. V (1903)

S,   pp. 241-258

Page 246

'w         JAX4252=L     IN 0ISClIW 
Schumacher Tillie, domestic, h. 57 N. Jackson. 
Schumacher Walter, weaver, h. 4o5 Western av. 
Schurmann Leona, domestic, h. 164 N. Jackson. 
Schwankey August, lab. h. 456 S. Franklin. 
Schwankey Ferdinand E. woodwkr. h. 412 S. Franklin. 
Schwankey Frank, carr. painter, h. 450 S. Franklin. 
Schwankey John, blksmith, h. 416 S. Franklin. 
Schwankey Mary Miss, h. 456 S. Franklin. 
Schwankey Minnie, h. 456 S. Franklin. 
Schwartz Charles H. h. 2o2 Locust. 
Schwartzby Gertrude (wid. John) h. ii7 N. Franklin. 
Schwartzby Jacob, sawyer, h. 117 N. Franklin. 
Scidmore Charles A. loc. efignr. h. 6 Mineral Pt. av. 
Scidmore John, com. tray. h. 310 S. Jackson. 
Scofield Emma L. dressmkr. h. 302 Milton av. 
Scofield Floy, h. 302 Milton av. 
Scofield Hattie E. h. I69 Washington. 
Scofield Sarah (wid. George) h. 302 Milton av. 
Scofield Theodore. h. Franklin Hotel. 
Scofield William T. meatmkt. i8 N. Main, h. 53 5th av. 
Scott Alfred. driver, 3 Park av. h. 217 S. High. 
Scott Burr J. (Dougherty & Scott) h. 153 Linn. 
Scott Elizabeth (wid. Walter) h. o S. Academy 
Scott Gertrude J. elk. 2 Central blk. h. w. s. Washington av. 
at limits. 
Scott Gertrude J. clk. 2 Central blk. h. Oak Hill Cetnetery. 
Scott James. buyer 312 W. Milwaukee, hi. 52 S. Academy. 
Scott James, tobacco buyer. h. 153 Linn. 
Scott James W. (Bums & Scott) h. i 5th av. 
Scott Luella M. student. h. w. s. Washington av. at limits. 
SCOTT ROBERT W. sexton Oak Hill Cemetery, h. came. 
Scott William A. driver, Hose Co. No. i. h. 3 N. River. 
Scoville Anna Mrs. dressmkr. 274 S. Main, h. same. 
Scoville Frank D. cigarmnkr. h.  1 1 S. Main. 
Scritchfield Amos J. pen mnfr. h. 5 S. Hickory. 
Seaholm Andrew. lab. h. i Union. 
Seaholm Nels., carp. h. 3 Myrtle. 
Searles Cassius C. foreman, h. 6 Olive. 
SECURITY INS, CO. of New Haven, Conn. H. J. Cunningham, 
agt. 4o3 Jackman bldg. (See top lines) 
Sedlewski Mary. domestic. h. 52 Mineral Pt. av. 
Segers Harriet A. (wid. Nathaniel) h. 16 N. High. 
Segers Susie B. ch. opr. 51 E. Milwaukee, h. t6 N. High. 
Seuine Estella, domestic 151 East. 
P. L. NI=S Pres 

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