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Wright's directory of Janesville for 1903 comprising an alphabetically arranged list of business firms and private citizens; a classified business directory; a miscellaneous directory; and a street directory of householders and business firms

R,   pp. 233-241

Page 240

"'OMd"       4616"" 0       " FIdiS       L. iI
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2o            JAN]SVILLE DIRECTORY. 
Rudden Philip, blksmith, h. a68 Prospect. 
Rudolph Alfred, clk. 408 Western av. h. same. 
Rudolph Ella A. bkpr. Rudolph & Donahoe, h. 458 Western av. 
Rudolph Ethel, student, h. 4o8 Western av. 
Rudolph Otto, clk. 4o8 Western av. h. same. 
RUDOLPH PAUL (Rudolph & Donohoe) general store, 458 
Western av. h. same. 
Rudolph Sophie (wid. Herman) h. 254 Center av. 
Rudolph & Donohoe (Paul Rudolph, Joseph Donohoe) leaf to- 
bacco, N. Academy, n. e. cor. Race. 
Ruester Hugo, varnisher, h. 13 Armour. 
Ruger Alice L. h. 1o3 S. Bluff. 
Ruger Augsta Miss, h. 3 Cornelia. 
RUGER EDWARD, civil and hydraulic engnr. 124 W. Milwaukee, 
h. uz Mineral Pt. av. 
Ruger Howard R. mess. ist Nat. Bank, h. 1o3 S. Bluff. 
Ruger William Sr. (Ruger & Ruger) h. io3 S. Bluff. 
Ruger William Jr. (Ruger & Ruger) h. 2oi Park pl. 
Ruger & Ruger (William Sr. and William Ruger Jr.) lawyers, 
211 Hayes blk. 
Rumrill Emma Miss, h. 51 Cherry. 
Rumrill Fannie, h. 152 Linn. 
Rumrill George H. tobacco-dlr. Center av. opp. School, h. 152 
Rupnow Ferdinand. lab. h. 26 Armour. 
Rupnow Louise, domestic, h. i i i Washington. 
Russell A. P. & Son (Alva A. and Alick P. Russell) bus and hack 
line, barn 9 N. Bluff. office Hotel Myers. 
Russell Alick P. (A. P. Russell & Son) h. 12o E. Milwaukee. 
Russell Alva A. (A. P. Russell & Son) h. i2o E. Milwaukee. 
Russell Charles M. bill elk. C. M. & St. P. Ry. h. 109 Park p. 
Russell Emily C. milliner, h. i2o E. Milwaukee. 
Russell Jeanett. domestic, h. io9 N. Academy. 
Russell John, tel. opr. h. 4 Cherry. 
Russell John J. fireman C. & N. W. Ry. h. to4 Pleasant. 
Russell Susannah (wid. Peyton) h. i2o E. Milwaukee. 
Russell William, tmstr. h. 154 Race. 
Rustad Mabel B. phone opr. h. 2o8 Washington. 
Rutherford Anna M. clk. 2o S. Main, h. 2o5 S. Bluff. 
Rutter Bert D. cjk. 7 S. River, h. ao6 Center. 
Rutter Bertha, student, h. ao6 Center. 
Rutter Philip, carp. h. o6 Center. 
Rutter Samuel, lab. h. 253 N. Bluff. 
Rutter Stanley, lather, h. 253 N. Bluff. 
hiWi L    hKr 
t0 "Til I!Far. 

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