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Wright's directory of Janesville for 1903 comprising an alphabetically arranged list of business firms and private citizens; a classified business directory; a miscellaneous directory; and a street directory of householders and business firms
Vol. V (1903)

R,   pp. 233-241

Page 239

JAN8SVILLS DIRICTORY.               289 
Rogers William A. brakeman, h. a2 S. Main. 
Rgers William H. carp. h. zx65  S. Main. 
ROGERS & HARRIS (George H. Rogers, Walter T. Harris) 
painters and paper hangers, 56 WaIL 
Rogge August, lab. h. 462 S. Franklin. 
Rogge Fred, tmstr. h. 156 Western av. 
Rogner Phillip, plumber, h. I2 N. Academy. 
Roherty Charles B. lab. h. 93 Western av. 
Roherty Cornelius, h. 93 Western av. 
Roherty Matthew J. carp. h. 54 Chestnut. 
Rohkramer Mathilda (wid. Bernard) h. ii S. Main. 
Rohl Fred, supt. 9 N. River, h. x16 Cherry. 
Rohr Annie, domestic 8 S. Wisconsin. 
Rood George, carp. h. 105 Jefferson. 
Roof Diantha (wid. Elijah C.) h. i6o Lincoln. 
Rook George, miller, h. s. s. Western av. 2 w. S. Palm. 
Rook John, lab. h. s. s. Western av 2 w. S Palm. 
Rook Thomas, lab. h. s. s. Western av. 2 w. S. Palm. 
Rooney Annie, dressmkr. h. 165 Racine. 
Rooney James S. farmer, h. 165 Racine. 
Rooney John H. h. 165 Racine. 
Rooney Margaret, bkpr. 12 E. Milwaukee, h. 165 Racine. 
Rooney William H. lab. h. 165 Racine. 
Rose Calvin E. clk. I. 173 Madison. 
Rose William H. ins. agt. h. 16 Oak Lawn av. 
Ross James E. h. i2o Park. 
Ross Levi, hostler, h. Wis. School for the Blind. 
Ross May E. seamstress, h. 325 St. Mary's av. 
Ross Pearl, buttonmkr. h. 1o4 Pleasant. 
Ross William, asst. street comr. h. 213 Jackman. 
Rossow Henrietta (wid. Louis) h. 259 Glen. 
Roth Barbara (wid. Nicholas) h. ioi Oakland av. 
Roth Martin W. transfer man Am. Ex. Co. h. 8 S. Franklin. 
Rothermel William I. corn. tray. 3 Wall, h. ioi Oakland av. 
Rourke Jennie A. (wid. James T.) h. 456 Ravine. 
Rourke Louis, lab. h. 456 Ravine. 
Rourke Michael 1. h. 253 Locust. 
Rowan Mary (wid. James) h. 5 S. Academy. 
Rowe Leah, student, h. 2 5th av. 
Rowe Oscar D. h. 2 5th av. 
Roworth William H. ship-clk. 9 N. River, h. 5o Court. 
Roworth William N. h. So Court. 
ons, agt. 164 W. Milwaukee. (See back cover) 
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