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Wright's directory of Janesville for 1903 comprising an alphabetically arranged list of business firms and private citizens; a classified business directory; a miscellaneous directory; and a street directory of householders and business firms

R,   pp. 233-241

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24              JAN   VILLB DIRBCTORY. 
Raught William, machh. 155 N. Bluff. 
Rawson Charles P. (Rawoon & Paunack) h. iSi East. 
Rawson & Paunack (Charles P. Rawson, William F. Paunack) 
architects, 325-327 Hayes Uk. 
Ray Addison J. h. 156 Locust. 
Ray Geo. M. jailer, h. Park, s. w. cor. S. ist. 
Raymond Edith I. stenog. 1, 5 W. Milwaukee, h. 213 S. Main. 
Razook Allie, confectioner 3o S. Main, h. 115 Cornelia. 
Razook Malacha (wid. George) h. 115 Cornelia. 
Reams Fred L cabinetmkr. h. 52 Race. 
Rean William, carr. trimmer. h. 62 Locust. 
Reaser Emily domestic 23 Milton av. 
RECORDER PRINTING CO. P. J. Mouat, pres.-mngr. pubs. 
Janesville Daily Recorder and Recorder and Times, 15-17 
S. River. 
Reddy Andrew W. shoemkr. i S. Franklin, h. 1 1a N. Jackson. 
Reddy Cornelia V. bkpr. 150 S. River, h. i 2 N. Jackson. 
Reddy William A. shoemkr. h. 112 N. Jackson. 
Redell Herman, lab. h. 6o Jefferson av. 
Reed James, farmer, h. 8 Arch. 
Reed Julia D. h. i6o S. Main. 
Reed Mary E. h. io4 Wall. 
Reed Nicholas, h. 1o4 Wall. 
Reed Nicholas Jr. buyer 62 N. Franklin, h. 39 S. Main. 
Reed Philip, coachman 5 East N. 
Reeder Albert J. harness mkr. h. 8 S. Jackson. 
Reeder Carrie, tel. opr. h. 8 S. Jackson. 
Reeder Charles t. confectioner 2 E. Milwaukee, h. 1o Magno- 
lia av. 
REEDER CHARLES W. lawyer and justice of the peace 4, 14 E. 
Milwaukee, h. 156 Glen. 
Reeder John A. wirewkr. h. 8 S. Jackson. 
Rees Charles B. restaurant 60 E. Milwaukee. h. 53 N. Franklin. 
Reese Charles 0. stenog. i6o S. River, h. i Myrtle. 
Rehberg Amos (Amos Rehberg & Co.) h. 214 S. Academy. 
Rehberg Amos & Co. (Amos Rehberg) clothing, 4-6 E. Mil- 
Rehfeld Charles. carp. h. 3o8 North. 
Rehfeld John F. wirewkr. h. 358 S. River. 
Rehfeld Christine (wid. Fred) h. 262 Cherry. 
Rehfeldt William C. sign writer, h. 155 Galena. 
Reid Archie (Archie Reid & Co.) h. ao6 Park p1. 
Reid Archie Jr. student, h. ao6 Park pl. 
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