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Wright's directory of Janesville for 1903 comprising an alphabetically arranged list of business firms and private citizens; a classified business directory; a miscellaneous directory; and a street directory of householders and business firms

P,   pp. 225-232

Q,   pp. 232-233

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282            JANBSVILLB DIOTORY. 
Proctor Louis C. driver J. E. Inman, h. 69 S. River. 
Proper Clara A. (wid. Nathan W.) h. 3 4th av. 
Proper Lillian, forewoman, h. 3 4th av. 
Proper Sumner J. foreman 1o N. Main, h. 389 Caroline. 
Prox Joseph, dyer, h. rear 351 Linn. 
Pruner Lindsay E. loc. engnr. h. 253 W. Bluff. 
Pufahl Ewald, grinder, h. 254 Locust. 
Pufahl Frank, lab. h. 2o4 N. Franklin. 
Puffer Edmund, loc. engnr. h. 167 Madison. 
Pulker Herbert M. com. tray. h. 2oi Park pl. 
Purcell Catherine R. bkpr. Janesville Machine Co. h. 254 S. 
Puterbaugh Jesse, tinner 3 S. River, h. Franklin House. 
Putnam Charles S. furniture and crockery 8-io S. Main, h. 252 
Park pl. 
Putnam Harry, buyer, I. 161 Terrace. 
Putnam Jane M. (wid. Sereno J. M.) h. 261 Prospect av. 
Putnam Parker, driver 54 W. Milwaukee, h. 16i Terrace. 
Putzkuhn August, lab. h. 2og N. River. 
Putzkuhn Charlotte (wid. Win.) h. 71 Palm. 
Pyper Oscar H. clk. F. C. Cook & Co. I. 2o8 Center av. 
es H. shoemkr. 357 S. Academy, h. same. 
b. h. 6o Park av. 
(wid. Edward) h. w. s. Arch, 5 s. Pleasant. 
ry. condr. h. 216 N. Franklin. 
L. (wid. William) h. io Nellie. 
Witt, lab. h. io Nellie. 
as F. carp. h. io Nellie. 
m E. carp. h. io Nellie. 
h. 1o7 Park. 
h. io4 S. Franklin. 
h. 451 S. High. 
Iriver 21 N. Main, h. 55 Center. 
16l S. High. 
eman Janesville Electric Co. h. ao7 Pleasant. 
wid. Ferdinand) h. 1o3 S. Jackson. 
yd. foreman 9 N. River, h. 55 Center. 
tmstr. h. 55 Center. 
J. wirewkr. h. e. s. Beloit av. i s. Eastern av. 
engnr. h. s. s. Eastern av. a w. Alphonuo pl. 
h. s. s. Eastern av. a w. Alphonso p. 
LOB F. Dow 

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