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Wright's directory of Janesville for 1903 comprising an alphabetically arranged list of business firms and private citizens; a classified business directory; a miscellaneous directory; and a street directory of householders and business firms
Vol. V (1903)

P,   pp. 225-232

Page 226

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226             JANESVILL8 DIRBCTORY. 
Pankhurst William, cigarmkr. h. 12 Arch. 
Pantall Myrtle J. teacher, h. 2o6 S. Academy. 
Panton John, hostler 1a E. Milwaukee, h. same. 
Pardee Alain, cigarmkr. 16 N. Franklin, h. z Delavan rd. 
Paris George G. cigarmkr. h. ioo Oakland av. 
Parish Charles E. mach.-hd. i9 S. Main, h. 6o Prospect av. 
Parish William H. E. patternmkr. h. 56 Yuba. 
Park Eleanor Miss, teacher Wis. School for the Blind, h. same. 
Parker Calla L. Miss, h. 293 S. Main. 
Parker Edna, student, h. 152 E. Milwaukee. 
Parker Frank W. clk. 3 S. River, h. 326 S. Main. 
Parker George S. sec.-treas. Parker Pen Co. h. 451 Court. 
Parker Lucy (wid. Thomas) h. 293 S. Main. 
Parker Martha (wid. Augustus) dressmkr. 1o Olive, h. same. 
Parker Mary R. (wid. Francis D.) h. 326 S. Main. 
Parker Mathilda M. Miss, h. ,o4 Ravine. 
Parker Pen Co. V. F. Palmer, pres. G. S. Parker, sec.-treas. x9 
S. Main. 
Parker Susan W. liss, 1h. 161 Prospect av. 
Parker Will 14. printer 67 W. Milwaukee, h. 152 E. Milwaukee. 
Parker William, tel. student, h. 12 Logan. 
Parkes George P. stenog. 203 Jackman bldg. h. Y. M. C. A. 
Parks Catharine (wid. Thomas) h. io8 S. High. 
Parks Emery U. rivetter 266 N. Main, h. 3 5th. 
Parks Walter, lab. h. 3 5th. 
Parks William E. wood wkr. 266 N. Main, h. io7 Glen. 
Parkyn Albert Mt. packer Wis. Carriage Co. h. 213 N. Jackson. 
Parmenter Lillie M. music teacher 154 S. Main, h. same. 
Parr Hermann, h. to4 E. Milwaukee. 
Pascoe Charles, iron wkr. h. 2o7 Center av. 
Pascoe Frank, clk. 3 W. Milwaukee, h. 2o7 Center av. 
Pascoe Lydia, knitter, h. 2o7 Center av. 
Pascoe Lydia (wid. William) h. 207 Center av. 
Patch Emory E. h. 255 Glen. 
Paterson Jennie C. Miss, h. 56 Locust. 
Paterson Lizzie A. prin. Jefferson school, h. 56 Locust. 
Paterson Margaret. teacher Jefferson school, . s6 Locust. 
Paterson Mary (wid. Matthew) h. 56 Locust. 
Patten LaFayette. lawyer io, 16 E. Milwaukee, h. 161 East S. 
Patterson Charles H. gen. del. clk. P. 0. h. 156 E. Milwaukee. 
Patterson Frank L mason, h. 17 Bostwick av. 
Patterson Grace, opr. 51 E. Milwaukee, h. io5 Court. 
Patterson Harriett C. (wid. Henry A.) h. 23 Milton av. 
Patterson Mary A. (wid. John) h. 1o5 Court. 
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