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Wright's directory of Janesville for 1903 comprising an alphabetically arranged list of business firms and private citizens; a classified business directory; a miscellaneous directory; and a street directory of householders and business firms

O,   pp. 222-225

P,   pp. 225-232

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fe CARY 
*       4    ".          AU  A0U              UIAeSos 
JANBSVILLB DIRBCTORY.               226 
Osgood John G. farmer, h. 5 N. Wisconsin. 
Ostrem Chasta (wid. Ole) h. 15 Dickson. 
Ott Michael A. harnessmkr. 55 S. River, h. io6 N. Bluff. 
OTTEMANN HOUSE, Fred W. Lutz, prop. 219 W. Milwaukee. 
Otto Theodore, blksmith. h. 351 S. Academy. 
Otto Wallace, iron wkr. h. 351 S. Academy. 
Owen J. Herbert, dentist C. D. Whitcomb, h. 161 S. Main. 
PABST Carl J. carr. mkr. h. 258 Center av. 
Pabst M. Frieda, bkpr. io2 W. Milwaukee, h. 258 Center av. 
Pabst Selma, clk. 25 W. Milwaukee, h. 258 Center av. 
Packer Evellyn, student, h. 113 Chatham. 
Packer Howard N. com. tray. The Janesville Machine Co. h. 113 
Paeske William, lab. h. 412 S. Jackson. 
Palace Skating Rink, F. N. Blakely, mngr. 57 S. River. 
Palmer Bernard M. lawyer 7 P. 0. blk. h. 452 Court. 
Palmer Carlos A. mach. h. M Terrace. 
Palmer Caroline M. music teacher i Logan, h. same. 
Palmer Dennis, carp. h. 58 North. 
Palmer Edna A. (wid. Henry) h. i 15 Madison. 
Palmer Edward, student, h. 53 Terrace. 
Palmer Elizabeth (wid. William) h. 52 N. Franklin. 
Palmer Elizabeth J. h. i15 Madison. 
Palmer Florence Miss, h. 452 Court. 
Palmer Frank H. clk. io E. Milwaukee, h. 2o9 N. Bluff. 
Palmer Frank M. driver, h. 2ot S. Academy. 
Palmer Fred H. solr. 417 Hayes blk. h. 211 Oakland av. 
Palmer George H. tmstr. h. ioi Milton av. 
Palmer Hendrick A. dentist 4, 5Y2 W. Milwaukee, h. i Logan av. 
Palmer Lavina M. (wid. Philip) h. 253 S. Franklin. 
Palmer Memorial Hospital, 22o Washington. 
Palmer Orie B. grinder 19 S. Main, h. 2oi S. Academy. 
Palmer Ralph, lab. h. 53 Terrace. 
Palmer Roy C. plumber 35 S. Main, h. 53 Terrace. 
Palmer Thomas F. h. Center av s. of State. 
Palmer William F. pres. Parker Pen Co. h. 452 Court. 
PALMER WILLIAM 0. v.-pres. Citizens Mutual Fire Ins. Co. of 
Janesville, Wis. h. 154 S. Jackson. 
Palmer William H. physician 4o6-4o8Jackman bldg. h. 5 N. East. 
Palmiter Sophia (wid. David) h. 69 S. River. 
Pankhurst Arthur J. lab. h. 2 Union. 
Pankhurst Thomas, lab. h. i-a Arch. 
NIGERGOAL COMPANY                             No.76 

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