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Wright's directory of Janesville for 1903 comprising an alphabetically arranged list of business firms and private citizens; a classified business directory; a miscellaneous directory; and a street directory of householders and business firms
Vol. V (1903)

N,   pp. 218-222

Page 221

SMOKE                                        C11= 
JANRSVILLB DIRECTORY.               221 
Nield Cora, bkpr. 164 W. Milwaukee, h. 9 East N. 
Niesen Charles, lab. h. 3o Western av. 
Nighteagale E. M. & Co. W. E. Nightengale mngr. 63 W. Mil- 
Nightengale William E. mngr. h. 6o Terrace. 
Niland James, condr, h. 57 Pearl. 
Nobinski Hugo, tinner, h. e. s. Jerome av. i s. Robbin. 
Noble Harry, hostler, h. io4 E. Milwaukee. 
Nobs Fred, blksmith. h. w. s. Jerome av. 2 s. Eastern av. 
Noer Charles, tmstr. h. 339 S. Main. 
Nolan Anna (wid. John) h. 152 Lincoln. 
Nolan Bridget (wid. Thomas) h. 2o4 Gold. 
Nolan Bros. (John E. and Thomas S. Nolan) grocers 155 W. 
Nolan Edward, brakeman C. & N. W. Ry. h. i6 Gold. 
Nolan James B. blksmith, h. 302 S. Franklin. 
Nolan John E. (Nolan Bros.) h. 153 Rock. 
Nolan Rosa, domestic 212 N. Jackson. 
Nolan Thomas A. saloon 58 S. River, h. same. 
Nolan Thomas, baggageman C. & N. W. Ry. h. 216 Gold. 
Nolan Thomas F. brakeman C. &. N. W. Ry. h. 216 Gold. 
NOLAN THOMAS S. lawyer 311-313 Jackman bldg. h. 2oi 
Prospect av. 
Nolan Thomas S. (Nolan Bros.) h. 152 Lincoln. 
Nolan Walter E. caller, h. Vi6 Gold. 
Nolan William A. feeder io N. Main, h. 216 Gold. 
Noltenmeier Christopher, tobacco raiser, h. s. s. State 3 w. Cen- 
ter av. 
Noonan William J. gardener, h. 75 Racine. 
Norcross Louise, nurse, h. t2o Madison. 
Norcross Pliny (Janesville Elec. Light Co.) h. 4 Conrad. 
Norgard John M. lineman, h. 13 N. Academy. 
Normington Clara L. physician 18 S. Main, h. same. 
NORRIS MARK A. prop. Norris Sanitarium, h. 257 S. Jackson. 
NORRIS SANITARIUM, Mark A. Norris propr. 257 S. Jackson. 
Norris Sutton, h. 151 East. 
Norris William R. teacher High school, h. 254 S. Jackson. 
Northern Grain Co. T. S. Nolan mngr. 26 W. Milwaukee. 
Northrup Emmett I. baggageman, h. 204 Locust. 
Northrup Millie Mrs. h. ao Clifton. 
Northrup Percy, h. 204 Locust. 
Northrup Sidney A. brakeman, h. .04 Locust. 
MICHAEL BUO       , Prop.   R.L1   JANESVILLE, WIS. 

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