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Wright's directory of Janesville for 1903 comprising an alphabetically arranged list of business firms and private citizens; a classified business directory; a miscellaneous directory; and a street directory of householders and business firms

M,   pp. 201-218

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JANUSVI LB DIRacTORY.                sit 
Meissner Louis, lab. It. 27 Armour. 
Meissner Renetta, laundress, h. o50 N. Franklin. 
Meissner Theresa, knitter, h. io5 N. Franklin. 
Melter Margaret, domestic, h. aoe N. High. 
Melter Myra, domestic, h. 165 Madiso. 
Meltzer    o F. ticket agt. C.M. & St. P. Ry. h. 172 Terrace. 
Melvin Albert, h. s. s. Hamilton, I e. of Washington av. 
Mendenhall James, h. 358 W. Bluff. 
Menzies Minnie (wid. Hugh) children's librarian, h. 53 Cornelia. 
Menzies William W. bkpr. Janesville Wholesale Grocery Co. h. 
io6 Locust. 
Merchants & Mechanics' Savings Bank, W. S. Jeffris, pres; A. H. 
Sheldon, v-pres; William Bladon, cash; 1o W. Milwaukee. 
Merkt Isabelle, milliner 1 I3 W. Milwaukee, h. aon S. Main. 
Merrick Samuel W. (Merrick & Hutson) h. Madison, Wis. 
MERRICK & HUTSON (Samuel W. Merrick, Frederick C. Hut- 
son) real estate, 329-331 Hayes blk. 
Merrill C. Burton, barkpr. Grand Hotel, h. to9 Pleasant. 
Merrill Carlton, student, h.55 S. 3d. 
Merrill Flats, 121-123 W. Milwaukee. 
Merrill H. Percy, complaint man, The New Gas Light Co. h. 
5S.3 d. 
MERRILL I RAM, pres. The New Gas Light Co. h. 152 Park pL 
Merrill Uo d W. h. 125 Terrace. 
MERRILL LOUISE, sec. The New Gas Light Co. h. 152 Park pL 
Merrill Louise, student, h. 55 S. 3d. 
Merrill Mary R. (wid. Harry) h. 55 S. 3d. 
Merrill Ross G. leaf tobacco 453 Pleasant, h. 125 Terrace. 
Merritt Mae L h. 129 Madison. 
Merritt Walter D. physician, 406-408 Jackman bldg. h. I9 Mad- 
Merritt William H. h. i 9 Madison. 
Merry Rachel (wid. George H.) h. 213 S. Academy. 
Meske Anna, seamstress, h. ao4 N. Franklin. 
Messenger Albert, pat. medicines, h. 62 Locust. 
iESSER CLAUDE H. electr. 61 W. Milwaukee, h. 17 Chatham. 
Metcalf George A. com. tray. h. t2o Washington. 
Metcalf Julietta M. (wid. John C.) h. 109 S. Jackson. 
Metropolitan Life Ins. Co. 417 Hayes blk. 
Metzinger Arthur, shoectr. h. 255 5. Franklin. 
Metzinger Frank C. shoemkr. h. a58 N. Main. 
Meyer Anna, dressmkr. a60 Locust, h. same. 
Meyer August, florist, 214 S. Main, h. same. 
Meyer Clara, mach.-opr. h. i Olive. 
0 1  1PHONE178 

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