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Wright's directory of Janesville for 1903 comprising an alphabetically arranged list of business firms and private citizens; a classified business directory; a miscellaneous directory; and a street directory of householders and business firms

L,   pp. 194-201

Page 198

A FULL LI OF Om          iL Sim                      M 
GEO. J. MELLOGG          & SONS,          Juuum11Vl1e, 
198             JANSVILLE DIRECTORY. 
LEWIS KNITTING CO. S. B. Lewis, pres.; R. E. idgerwood, 
v.-pres.; F. F. Lewis, sec.-treas.; knit underwear, 112 S. 
Lewis Rollin, student, h. 351 Court. 
Lewis Stephen B. pres. Lewis Knitting Co. h. 351 Court. 
Lewis William L. engnr. h. 18 Clark. 
Lichtfuss Caroline (wid. John) h. i16 Chatham. 
Lichtfuss Ernst, teamster, h. 116 Chatham. 
Liddell Anson, carp. h. 315 S. Main. 
Liddell Arthur K. penmkr. h. 315 S. Main. 
Liddell Louise M. Miss, h. 315 S. Main. 
Liddle Katie Miss, h. io7 Park. 
Lidgerwood R. E. v.-pres. Lewis Knitting Co. h. Chicago, Ill. 
Lightfoot Herman, tmstr. h. 57 S. Academy. 
Lightfoot Minnie (wid. Albert) h. i 19 N. Franklin. 
Lightfuss Robert, blksmith, h. io7 Chatham. 
Lighthizer Grace, h. 361 Glen. 
Lighthizer Marian (wid. Walter E.) h. 361 Glen. 
Lighthizer Roy, h. 361 Glen. 
Lillis Elizabeth G. teacher Grant School. h. 157 Holmes. 
Lillis Patrick, h. 157 Holmes. 
Lincoln Herbert F. com. tray. h. 157 East. 
Lincoln Otis D. com. mercht. h. 127 Madison. 
Lindsley Ernst D. lab. h. 13 Jefferson. 
Link Amelia, knitter, h. 51 S. Academy. 
Link Andrew J. mason h. i16 N. Jackson. 
Linnemann A. Henry, tmstr. h. 52 Race. 
Linnemann Clara, sizer, h. 52 Race. 
Linnemann Emma. sizer, h. 52 Race. 
Linnemann Henry, lab. h. 52 Race. 
Little Kate, h. io7 Park. 
Litts Carl F. foreman 19 S. Main. h. 2o9 Washington. 
Litts Edith, teacher, h. 2o9 Washington. 
Litts Willis J. com. tray. h. 2o9 Washington. 
Litzkow Frank T. foreman 51 N. High, h. 3o2 Linn. 
Litzkow Henry T. clk. 4 E. Milwaukee, h. 3o Locust. 
Lloyd Alva E. coin. tray. h. 2 Yuba. 
Lloyd E. Ray, asst. check clk. C. M. & St. P. Ry. h. 2o4 4th av. 
Lloyd Emaline (wid. Edwin C.) h. 2o4 4th av. 
Lloyd John T. molder, h. 9 Pearl. 
Lloyd John W. h. 2 Yuba. 
Lloyd Thomas J. farmer, h. n. a. Pleasant, 2 w. Oak Hill av. 
Lobdell Barthold S. com. tray. ao1 Park pl. 
Lobedan Alfred, harnessmkr. h. 406 S. Franklin. 

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