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Wright's directory of Janesville for 1903 comprising an alphabetically arranged list of business firms and private citizens; a classified business directory; a miscellaneous directory; and a street directory of householders and business firms

L,   pp. 194-201

Page 197

Lemke Ida, h. 5 S. Academy. 
Lemke Lena, (wid. William) h. 3o8 Cherry. 
Lemke William, lab. h. 359 S. Academy. 
Lemmerhirt Henry J. h. 57 S. Academy. 
Lemmon Bert, lineman, h. 2o S. High. 
Lemonde Josephine, h. i i i N. River. 
Lempkey John C. carr.-trmr. h. 110 4th av. 
Lempkey Lillie Miss, h. i 1o 4th av. 
Lennartz Peter J. h. 157 Lincoln. 
Lennartz William J. letter carrier, h. 3o8 S. Franklin. 
Lennon Robert W. baker, h. 12 S. Academy. 
Lennon Sarah (wid. James) h. lO2 Park av. 
Lent Lottie, stripper, h. 6 Washington. 
Lent Louis, lab. h. 6 Washington. 
Lent Mabel, stripper, h. 6 Washington. 
Lentz Charles, wiper, h. 257 Lincoln. 
Lentz Frank A. dyer, h. 253 Lincoln. 
Lentz Julius J. h. 2o4 Western av. 
Lentz Otto, dyer, h. 55 Jefferson. 
Lenz Gottlieb, h. 4o3 Western av. 
Lenz Hedwig, h. 4o3 Western av. 
Lenz Louis T. helper, h. 403 Western av. 
Lenz William, carp. h. 256 Locust. 
Leonard Sadie, laundress, h. 59 S. Franklin. 
Leslie Lloyd L. dentist 218-219 Hayes blk. h. 166 N. High. 
Lester Charles T. carp. h. 5 Wheeler. 
Lester Ella, seamstress, h. Wis. School for the Blind. 
Lester Emma A. bkbndr. h. 12 S. Vista av. 
Lester George F. sawyer ioi N. Main, h. 12 Vista av S. 
Lester Mary (wid. Waterman) h. 12 S. Vista av. 
Lester Rosella, milliner, h. 12 S. Vista av. 
Levenhagen John C. harnessmkr. h. 13 N. Academy. 
Leverentz George C. carp. contr. 533 Cornelia, h. same. 
Levy Charles A. (Levy & Cooper) h. Chicago, Ill. 
Levy Julius C. mngr. Levy & Cooper, h. Grand Hotel. 
Levy Louis C. (Levy & Cooper) h. Grand Hotel. 
Levy & Cooper (Louis C. and Charles A. Levy, Asher Cooper) 
props. Golden Eagle Clothing store, 9 W. Milwaukee. 
Lewinsky Joseph, lab. h. n. s. Eastern av. i w. Beloit rd. 
Lewis Anna, nurse Palmer Memorial Hospital, h. same. 
Lewis Edwin D. paperhngr. h. ao Monroe. 
Lewis Franklin F. sec.-treas. Lewis Knitting Co. h. 153 Jackman. 
Lewis Guy E. student, h. 18 Clark. 
Lewis John, student, h. ao Monroe. 
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