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Wright's directory of Janesville for 1903 comprising an alphabetically arranged list of business firms and private citizens; a classified business directory; a miscellaneous directory; and a street directory of householders and business firms

K,   pp. 185-194

L,   pp. 194-201

Page 194

V.F. BROOKHAUN, Prop. TeL m2. 9 ..El d, Jms,       ,     lAL 
Kuhlow Cora, h. 356 S. Jackson. 
Kuhlow Eliza Miss, h. 12 Ist. 
Kuhlow Fred, lab. h. 12 1 st. 
Kuhlow George (Kuhlow Bros.) h. 356 S. Jackson. 
Kuhlow William, section foreman, h. 12 Ist. 
Kuhlow William F. (Kuhlow & Morrissey) h. 356 S. Jackson. 
Kuhlow William Jr. (Kuhlow Bros.) h. 356 S. Jackson. 
Kuhlow & Morrissey (William F. Kuhlow, Dennis R. Morrissey) 
blksmiths. 102 E. Milwaukee. 
Kulek Frank, fireman C. & N. W. Ry. h. 203 Lincoln. 
Kultz Martha, domestic, h. 122 Park. 
Kuster Eusebius, weaver, h. 354 School. 
Kuster Peter, weaver, h. 354 School. 
Kuster Rose, spooler, h. 259 Locust. 
Kuster Simon, h. 259 Locust. 
Kyle Robert, ironwkr. h. 2o8 N. Chatham. 
LACY Calla, student, h. 179 Washington. 
Lafferty Thomas, painter Wis. Carriage Co. h. 52 N. Academy. 
Lageman Elizabeth (wid. Charles) h. 562 Pleasant. 
Lageman Harriet J. bkpr. h. 562 Pleasant. 
Lagermann Augusta, mangler. h. 7oi Pleasant. 
Lagermann John, clk. h. 7oi Pleasant. 
Lagermann William, carsmith, h. 7oi Pleasant. 
Lagermann, see also Logermann. 
Laird Margaret J. Mrs. dress cutting school 19 E. Milwaukee, h. 
1o9 4th av. 
Lake Harry, spinner, h. 202 Center av. 
Lake Minerva (wid. James) h. 202 Center av. 
Lamb James R. h. 158 Milton av. 
Lambert Emeline (wid. James) h. 8 N. High. 
Lane John E. (Bennison & Lane) h. 207 S. Main. 
Lane Wilson, lawyer 411 Hayes blk. h. 9 S. Jackson. 
Lang Marv, domestic, 152 Ravine. 
Langdon james W. carp. contr. 2o8 Pleasant, h. same. 
Langdon Mary, h. 208 Pleasant. 
Lange Louisa E. A. waitress 13 N. Academy, h. same. 
Lanphier George A. h. 33 Clark. 
Lanphier James H. restaurant 31 N. Main, h. same. 
Lanphier Phoebe A. cash. 52 S. River, h. 33 Clark. 
La Point Charles E. mach. h. 2 S. Hickory. 
Lappin Mary J. (wid. Thomas) h. 252 Park pl. 
Larson Charles A. cabinetmkr. h. w. s. McKey blvd, 3 3. Eastern av 
FETHERS, JEFFRIS &                    NOUAT 
.T'OaE'YS MSCSeLU kum s , J infhelo lmim.  S" 

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