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Wright's directory of Janesville for 1903 comprising an alphabetically arranged list of business firms and private citizens; a classified business directory; a miscellaneous directory; and a street directory of householders and business firms

H,   pp. 164-178

I,   pp. 178-179

Page 178

C. F. BROCKHAUS, Prop. Td 321. 3 L Mkin     he,       L 
178             JANESVILLB DIRECTORY. 
Huntress Maggie J Mrs. (R. H. Pickering & Co.) h. 4 S. Wis- 
Hurd Floyd, carp. contr. w. s. Park 2 n. S. 2d, h. 13 Jefferson av. 
Hurd George, buggy washer, h. Franklin Hotel. 
Hurd George H. collr. io N. Main, h. 176 S. High. 
Hurd James, carp. h. 1o7 5th av. 
Hursey William F. tuner, h. Y. M. C. A. 
Hurtubise Angeline (wid. Francis) h. w. s. Jerome av. 3 s. 
Eastern av. 
Hutchinson Fred, student, h. io6 Cornelia. 
Hutchinson James F. (S. Hutchinson & Sons) h. io6 Cornelia. 
HUTCHINSON S. & SONS (Stoakley, James F. and Stoakley I. 
Hutchinson) painters, io5 E. Milwaukee. 
Hutchinson Stoakley (S. Hutchinson & Sons) h. 151 4th av. 
Hutchinson Stoakley I. (S. Hutchinson & Sons) h. 32 Milwau- 
kee av. 
Hutchinson Sue Miss. I. 151 4th av. 
Hutson Frederick C. (Merrick & Hutson) I1. 4 Gore. 
Hutter Joseph, upholsterer 14 N. Franklin, h. American House. 
Hutton Bessie, clk. I. 286 S. Main. 
Hutton William M. painter, h. 286 S. Main. 
Hyatt Harriet (wid. William) h. 156 S. Jackson. 
Hyde Edgar A. bkpr. 1st Nat. Bank, h. 252 S. 3d. 
Hyde Ella M. Miss, h. 211 W. Bluff. 
Hyde Georgia Mrs. music teacher, h. 57 Oakland av. 
Hyde Mary L. (wid. Henry) h. 211 W. Bluff. 
Hyde Wilfiam H. h. 57 Oakland av. 
Hyzer Edward M. sec. Janesville Water Co. h. Milwaukee, Wis. 
Hyzer Mary A. (wid. Jacob B.) h. 314 S. Jackson. 
Hyzer William W. supt. Janesville Water Co. h. 26 Milwaukee av. 
ICEFIELD Fred, milkman, h. Eastern av. s. e. cor. Miltimore. 
Ide Millard F. (Ide & Tifft) h. 127 Glen. 
Ide Millard F. Jr. clk. h. 127 Glen. 
Ide & Tifft (Millard F. Ide, Arnold H. Tifft) barbers, 13 W. 
lmrie James, hostler 121 E. Milwaukee, h. same. 
Independent The, A. F. Knuth, prop. 62 E. Milwaukee. 
Ingersoll Allen J. lumber salesman, h. 152 S. Jackson. 
Ingersoll Susan C. (wid. Chas. F.) h. 231 S. Main. 
Ingle Emma, h. 151 Caroline. 
Ingle Jane (wid. James) h. 151 Caroline. 
Ingle Mae, student, h. 302 Milton av. 
AT       ~SM  AMS ChOM!                        anew f =m  - 

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