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Wright's directory of Janesville for 1903 comprising an alphabetically arranged list of business firms and private citizens; a classified business directory; a miscellaneous directory; and a street directory of householders and business firms

H,   pp. 164-178

Page 175

176 Nothpavw stret 9 FEED                     A -   '-  ' 
JANBSVILLB DIRECTORY.               175 
Holloway Leroy F. clk. 3 S. River, h. 1o5 N. lst. 
Holloway Leroy 0. brakeman C. & N. W. Ry. h. rear 112 Mil- 
ton av. 
Holloway Mabel, teacher, h. 8 Oakland av. 
Holloway Sarah C. (wid. Isaac N.) h. 8 Oakland av. 
Holmes Amelia, domestic 39 Milwaukee av. 
Holmes Andrew J. engineer 9 N. River, h. 358 W. Bluff. 
Holmes David W. sec.-treas. The Blodgett Milling Co. h. 2o4 
Park pl. 
Holmes Janet D. Mrs. h. 4 St. Lawrence pl. 
Holmes Leslie, clk. 5o S. Main, h. 151 Holmes. 
Holmes Stella A. (wid. James D.) h. 8 N. East. 
HOLSAPPLE IRA M. dentist io2 W. Milwaukee, h. 215 S. Bluff. 
Holsapple Myra teacher, h. 215 S. Bluff. 
Holt Adam, prop. Railroad Hotel, h. 52 N. Academy. 
Holt Ellen Miss, h. 52 N. Academy. 
Holt John, clk. 8 W. Milwaukee, h. 7 Prairie av. 
Holt Nettie, student, h. 7 Prairie av. 
Holtz Theo. weaver, R. R. Woolen Mills, h. 58 Claron. 
Homan Charles, grinder, h. 6 Armour. 
Hoover Charles H. barber 67 W. Milwaukee, h. 219 N. River. 
Hoover Howard D. com. tray. h. 3o4 Jackman. 
Hopgood Mary J. (wid. William) h. x8 W. Milwaukee. 
Hopgood Olney H. teamstr. h. 223 Washington. 
Hopkins Charlotte, (wid. James) h. 7 Oakland av. 
Hopkins John 0. h. i i i Pearl. 
Horn Anna (wid. James) h. Claron, n. e. cor. S. Palm. 
Horn Charles, barkpr. 64 W. Milwaukee, h. 14 Corn Exchange. 
Horn Edward, painter, h. i69 Chatham. 
Horn Edward S. lab. h. 2o5S. River. 
Horn James, presser, h. Claron, n. e. cor. S. Palm. 
Horn John, shoemkr. h. 57 N. Jackson. 
Horn John, wire weaver, h. 167 Chatham. 
Horn John Jr. driver 123 W. Milwaukee, h. 167 Chatham. 
Horn Mary, trimmer, h. 167 Chatham. 
Home Robert E. h. 221 Washington. 
Home William, h. io Park. 
Hornemann Clara A. dressmkr. h. 61 E. Milwaukee. 
Horton Alice, nurse, h. io2 Sinclair. 
Horton Howard L. baker, h. 37 S. Main. 
Horton John, wood wkr. h. 357 S. High. 
Horton Lizzie, domestic io5 East. 
Horton Martha (wid. Giles G.) h. 37 S. Main. 
Horton Minnie, h. 52 Lincoln. 
OAL AND WOOD                                F. X TadY 
FilbHues eNl  F,/A.Teyior 

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