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Wright's directory of Janesville for 1903 comprising an alphabetically arranged list of business firms and private citizens; a classified business directory; a miscellaneous directory; and a street directory of householders and business firms
Vol. V (1903)

H,   pp. 164-178

Page 170

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C. F. BROCKHAUS Prop. TeL M. 3L Em            JS.SAemft ft 
170             JANESVILLB DIRECTORY. 
Hein Herman, butcher 59 W. Milwaukee, h. 58 Prospect av. 
Hein William A. blksmith. h. 58 Prospect av. 
Heine Malinda, laundress, !1. 207 Glen. 
Heine Ottillie T. Mrs. h. 2o7 Glen. 
Heinz Joseph, weaver R. R. Woolen Mills, h. 58 Claron. 
Heise Augusta (wid. Gustav) I. 6o Pearl. 
Heise Carl, carp. h. w. s. Jerome av. i s. Eastern av. 
Heise William, h. i54A Lincoln. 
Heise William F. printer, Ii. n t8 Lincoln. 
Helander Oscar, mach. h. 463 S. Franklin. 
Hell Charles H. mason, h. 260 Cherry. 
Hell Emily (wid. Fred) 11. 418 S. Franklin. 
Hell Fred, mason, h. 254 Cherry. 
Hell Gustav, painter, h. 307 S. Academy. 
Hell Herman, lab. h. 55 Jefferson. 
Hell Paul, mach. hd. 9 N. River, h. 304 Locust. 
Hell Paul, lab. h. 304 Locust. 
Hell William, mason. h. i lo Western av. 
Heller Elias (Heller & Newton) h. 258 S. Main. 
Heller Ernst L. driver 61 E. Milwaukee, h. 258 S. Main. 
Heller John, woodwkr. h. io9 N. Franklin. 
Heller Margaret H. (wid. Edward) h. 206 W. Bluff. 
Heller Martha, student, I. io9 N. Franklin. 
Heller Ursula (wid. Jacob) i. 164 Pearl. 
Heller William G. h. 206 XV. Bluff. 
Heller William H. shoemkr. h. 113 N. Franklin. 
Heller & Newton (Elias Heller and Charles F. Newton) horse- 
shoers, 9 Park. 
Helm Warren R. teamstr. h. 112 Chatham. 
Helms Alexander, engnr. C. M. & St. P. Ry. h. 653 Galena. 
Helms Edward C. student, h. 213 S. Main. 
Helms Sarah (wid. James) h. 213 S. Main. 
Helms Walter, seeds, 29 S. Main, 1. 213 S. Main. 
Hemmens Alva L. cashier C. & N. W. Ry. h. 158 Cherry. 
Hemmens Clarence, clk. 6 S. Main, h. 252 Lincoln. 
Hemmens John C. I. 163 Laerry. 
Hemmens Louis A. clk. 22 NW. Milwaukee, h. 256 Holmes. 
Hemmens Thomas, h. 252 Lincoln. 
Hemming Anna (wid. James) mngr. lunch counter C. & N. W. 
depot, h. 58 N. Jackson. 
Hemming Edward F. (Win. Hemming's Sons) h. 1o3 Center. 
Hemming Emily I. (wid. William) h. 55 Cherry. 
Hemming John G. (Win. Hemming's Sons) h. 55 Cherry. 
Hemming William, finisher 9 N. River, h. nao Lincoln. 
A1TOUKYS#                                           .:V=LU.MdsI&Juei

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