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Wright's directory of Janesville for 1903 comprising an alphabetically arranged list of business firms and private citizens; a classified business directory; a miscellaneous directory; and a street directory of householders and business firms

G,   pp. 156-164

Page 160

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160             AN8VILLN DIRKTORTY. 
Golden Eagle Clothing Store, Levy & Cooper proprs. 9 W. Mil- 
Golden Mary (wid. Philip) h. 3o6 North. 
Golden Mary, dressmkr. h. 3o6 North. 
Goldfish Louis, peddler, h. 58 Pleasant. 
Golder Herbert, student, h. 358 Court. 
Goldin Theo. W. clerk Circuit Court, h. 35A Court. 
Goldsborough Catherine, h. io6 Western av. 
Goldsborough Jennie, seamstress, h. xo6 Western av. 
Goldsborough Mary (wid. William) h. io6 Western av. 
Goldsmith Emma, nurse, h. 76 Pearl. 
Golling Alma H. cash. Levy & Cooper, h. 3 S. Hickory. 
Golling Alois, collr. 14 Corn Exchange, h. 3 S. Hickory. 
Golling Erwin 0. clk. 2o S. Main, h. 3 S. Hickory. 
Gollner John, corres. i9 S. Main, h. 121 Milton av. 
Good Templar Hall, 14 S. Main. 
Gooden Agnes, trimmer, h. 51 N. Bluff. 
Gooden James, student, h. 51 N. Bluff. 
Gooden John, barkpr. 52 N. Academy, h. 51 N. Bluff. 
Goodman Alice Mrs. h. 207 S. River. 
Goodman Harriet, domestic, h. io6 East. 
Goodman Mana Fee, helper, h. 455 S. High. 
Goodman Michael, driver, h. 4oi S. High. 
Goodman Patrick, lab. h. 2o7 S. River. 
Goodman Peter, driver, h. 4o1 S. High. 
Goodwin Ellen F. h. 102 S. Jackson. 
Goodwin Margaret (wid. Samuel J.) h. ioo Park pl. 
Gooldy Charles M. clk. 4 S. Main, h. ioS S. Main. 
Gorman Rose, domestic, Wis. School for the Blind. 
Gosselin Althea, mach opr. h. 54 Elizabeth. 
Gosselin Frank P. foreman, i9 S. Main, h. 270 Prospect av. 
Gosselin Louis M. engnr. h. 157 iLocust. 
Gosselin Louis T. engnr. h. 54 Elizabeth. 
Gosselin Marcelline (wid. Win.) h. 211 Milton av. 
Gosselin Mary J. student, h. 155 S. 3d. 
Gosselin Peter P. lab. h. isS S. 3d. 
Gosselin Sadie J. milliner, . 155 S. 3d. 
Gould Herbert, h. 257 North. 
Gould Sylvester W. milkman, h. io8 Milton av. 
Gove Georgia L. Miss, h. io5 Chatham. 
Gower Hattie (wid. William) h. 9 Locust. 
Gower Louis, painter, h. 5 Highland av. 
Gower Mary E. (wid. William) dressmkr. h. 162 Pearl. 
Gower William, painter, h. s. s. Ashland av. i w. Washington. 
If You Drink Beer, Drink the Best - 
Knipp's Celebrated Janesville Lupr Ber 

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