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Wright's directory of Janesville for 1903 comprising an alphabetically arranged list of business firms and private citizens; a classified business directory; a miscellaneous directory; and a street directory of householders and business firms

F,   pp. 149-155

Page 152

FUNERAL DIRECTORU"mmm                   " 
152             JANBBVILLB DIMUCTORT. 
First Church of Christ Scientist, Phoebus blk. 21-23 W. Milwau- 
First Congregational Church, S. Jackson, s. w. cor. Dodge. 
First M. E. Church, S. Jackson, n. w. cor. Center. 
FIRST NATIONAL BANK, S. B. Smith, pres; L B. Carte, v-pres; 
John G. Rexford, cash; 52 W. Milwaukee (see front cover) 
First Presbyterian Church, Jackson s. w. cor. Wall. 
Fischer Barbara, domestic Ottemann House, h. same. 
Fish Charles R. mach. h. 61 Chatham. 
Fish Elena A. teacher, h. 61 Chatham. 
Fish Eugene T. drayman, h. 355 Ravine. 
Fish Harley R. finisher, i9 S. Main, h. 6i Chatham. 
Fish Malachi C. v-pres. Wisconsin Carriage Co. h. 357 Ravine. 
Fisher Abel L. (Fisher & Fisher) h. 163 Terrace. 
Fisher Anna, h. 203 N. Jackson. 
Fisher Arthur M. (Fisher & Oestreich) h. 163 Terrace. 
Fisher Ethel I. teacher Grant school, h. 163 Terrace. 
Fisher Everett C. (Fisher & Fisher) h. 163 Terrace. 
Fisher Jennie, h. 203 N. Jackson. 
Fisher John L. lawyer 311 Hayes blk. h. Park Hotel. 
Fisher Josephine (wid. Chas. C.) h. 165 N. Jackson. 
Fisher Laban, boarding, h. 56 Milton av. 
Fisher Minerva M. bkpr. h. 163 Terrace. 
Fisher Seth, h. 203 N. Jackson. 
Fisher Sherman M. clk. 18 W. Milwaukee, h. 4 East N. 
FISHER & OESTREICH (Arthur M. Fisher, Otto A. Oestreich) 
lawyers, 2o5 Jackman bldg. 
Fitch Charles, wiper, h. 258 W. Milwaukee. 
Fitch Edmund K. clk. 18 W. Milwaukee, h. I53 S. 3d. 
Fitch Fred D. printer, h. io8 N. Jackson. 
Fitch Inez J. bkpr. i i S. River, h. 155 S. 3d. 
Fitchett John T. (Fitchett & Grove) h. 219 Milton av. 
Fitchett Jonathan, gardener, h. xp Milton av. 
FITCHEli & GROVE (John T. Fitchett, Fred P. Grove) print- 
ers, 29 S. Main. 
Fitzgerald John, h. 262 Prospect. 
Fitzgerald Margaret, sizer, h. 307 Wall. 
Fitzgerald Nellie, h. 3o7 Wall. 
Fitzgerald Thomas, lab. h. 3o7 Wall. 
Fitzgerald Thomas Jr. lab. h. 307 Wall. 
Fitzgibbons Rosa (wid. James) h. 205 Center av. 
Fitzpatrick Thomas, lab. h. io9 N. Jackson. 
Flaherty Charles H. hostler, h. 201 S. Franklin. 
Flaherty Ella E. teacher. h. 55 W. Bluff. 
MlaR        OF THle   eRATe 
LOUig Fe, kIPJ a hsiio' Lager Beer 

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