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Wright's directory of Janesville for 1903 comprising an alphabetically arranged list of business firms and private citizens; a classified business directory; a miscellaneous directory; and a street directory of householders and business firms

B,   pp. 101-120

Page 106

C. F. BROCKHAUS, Prop. Td        .     l in inmm d  u s. 
106             JANBSVILLB DIRECTORY. 
Bechtel Edward, section-hd. h. 5 N. Academy. 
Bechtel William, section-foreman, h. 5 N. Academy. 
Beck Herbert, carp. h. 22 Bennett. 
Beck Margaret (wid. Michael) h. 414 S. Franklin. 
Beck Nelson L. carp. h. 22 Bennett. 
Beckwith Clara J. clk. 2o S. Main, h. 204Ya S. Main. 
Beers Clarence P. (Hayner & Beers) h. e. s. Black Bridge rd. I 
n. Milton av. 
Beers Lafayette G. h. 66 Chatham. 
Beers Walter F. clk. 2o9 Jackman bldg. h. 162 N. Jackson. 
Behling Anna B. dressmkr. 51 W. Milwaukee. 
Behling Charles, lab. h. 253 Linn. 
Behling Minnie, seamstress, h. i1o 5th av. 
Behling Paul, lab. h. 253 Linn. 
Behling Richard, lab. h. 204 Western av. 
Behm Helen, cook, 5 N. Academy, h. same. 
Behrendt Anton, prop. Union House, 5 N. ist. 
Behrendt Edward, h. 5 N. ist. 
Behrendt John, lab. h. 5 N. ist. 
Behrendt Mamie, h. 5 N. ist. 
Beilharz Fred H. supt. P. Hohenadel Jr. Co. h. io5 Center. 
Belden Carrie Mrs. h. io7 N. Hickory. 
Belden Cora Miss, h. to7 N. Hickory. 
Belding Margaret (wid. Charles H.) h. 9 S. Academy. 
Belding Mary (wid. Davis E.) h. 211 S. Academy. 
BELKNAP GILES F. treas. The Hough Shade Corporation, h. 
Oak Park, Ill. 
Bell Agnes Mrs. h. roi S. 3d. 
Bell Frank, h. 186 Racine. 
Bell Harry, clk. h. 58 N. Jackson. 
Bell Lottie E. dressmkr. h. 54 Pease ct. 
Belton Bert A. rubber-turner, iq S. Main, h. 5I N. Jackson. 
Belton Charles E. driver, 3 S. River, h. 5i N. Jackson. 
Belton Jennie P. (wid. John) h. 51 N. Jackson. 
Bemis Martha A. (wid. Albert) h. iti S. Main. 
Benedict Daniel W. farmer, h. 2525a S. 3d. 
Benedict William, carp. h. 4o5 Glen. 
Beneke Fred W. police, h. 58 Highland av. 
Benes Abraham, junk, 62 S. River, h. same. 
Benesch Elizabeth, domestic, a  S. Main. 
Bennett Allen A. farmer, h. ss. Mineral Pt. av. 4 w. Oak Hill av. 
Bennett Daniel D. engnr, h. 248 McKey blvd. 
Bennett Edward J. driver, 6x E. Milwaukee, h. to Park av. 
Bennett Fannie M. h. iS N. Franklin. 
ATO'IS A ChOUKLN       Mv Ml wuE. 

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