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Wright's directory of Janesville for 1903 comprising an alphabetically arranged list of business firms and private citizens; a classified business directory; a miscellaneous directory; and a street directory of householders and business firms
Vol. V (1903)

Street directory,   pp. 29-75

Page 41

FRANKLIN IN.1      41        RANKLIN I&. 
117 William Brandenburg. 
Mrs. Gertrude Schwartsby. 
Mrs. Belle Brown. 
118 Ira P. Dorn. 
119 Mrs. Minnie Lightfoot. 
119 rear Mrs. Martha Wiklund. 
120 William Huntley. 
121 William Wall. 
122 Charles H. Stark. 
Race intersects. 
153  Thomas F. Andrews. 
15  Edward Petit. 
15 Patrick Connors. 
157 Edward Krueger. 
158 John F. Zamow. 
169  Florence A. Eller. 
160 Vacant. 
161 Nels Larson. 
rear Tobias Larson. 
rear George Hollins. 
162 Northwestern Novelty Co. 
Janesville Plating Works. 
Ravine intersects. 
20 Vacant., 
24   Frank Pufahl. 
212 Oscar Mabie. 
216 John Quenney. 
Mrs. Johanna Stimm. 
216% William H. Dorsey. 
218 William J. Masher. 
FRANKLIN (8.) from zot W. Mil- 
waukee a. to Riverside. 
I A. W. Reddy, shoemkr 
2 C. B. Withington, jeweler. 
2-2 (. H. Fox, physician. 
4 J. A. Denning, carp. contr. 
5-11 New Post Office. 
6-1 Thomas F. Riley. 
6-2 Mrs. M. Schaffer, needlework. 
8-1 Martin W. Roth. 
Joseph M. Mahany. 
8-2 Gustav E. Nasett. 
Mrs. Olga Nasett, dresmkr. 
Mrs. Amanda R. Hay. 
10 Dennis C. Burdick. 
Dodge intersects. 
51 Volney Atwood. 
52-54 Franklin Hotel. 
Marcellus E. Hilton. 
56 J. B. Dearborn, leaf tob. 
87 William H. Monroe. 
69 Mrs. Nora O&Brien. 
61 George H. West. 
Mrs. Auguste Dabson. 
Pleasant intersee. 
104 Herman W. Arndt, well driller. 
106 Charles Harmon. 
Coenter interseets. 
151 Janesville Machine Co. 
152 Frank L Corwin. 
164 Burt B. Baker. 
156 Nevada Pound. 
1568 George Scareliff. 
162  William F. Shelton. 
162  Charles Boyce. 
164 Mrs. Marian D. Bayles. 
School intersects. 
201 Mrs. Martha McCoy. 
20   William S. Jeffri. 
203 Robert L Brown. 
206 Mrs. Sarah Jackman. 
20   Joseph A. Gsell. 
207 John W. Hogan. 
51-53 3d floor vacant. 
Holmes intersects. 
251 Vacant. 
262 Fred P. Grove. 
253  Mrs. Lavma M. Palmer. 
.Mrs. Grace Murray. 
254 John Plowright. 
255  Arthur Metainger. 
267 Charles Kingsley. 
258 William F. Kelly. 
259  Michael Murphy. 
200 John J. Kemmett. 
Rock intersects. 
301 Herman Marks. 
Miss Kate Donelly. 
302 James B. Nolan. 
303 Andrew Anderson. 
304 Mrs. Christina Hovland. 
Mrs. Rose Carlsen. 
306  Louis Nelson. 
306 William Cody. 
307 Mrs. Kate Keenan. 
308 William J. Lennart. 
Union intersects. 
John Wood. 
Thomas Vail. 
John Falter. 
Patrick Deiany. 
Henry W. Gaulke. 
James Casey. 
William J. Irwin. 
William Devine. 
Thomas F. Siegel. 
James F. Riley. 
John Riley. 
Emil PNuts. 
Galena intersects. 
Fred H. Kothmann. 
John Murray. 
Thomas Costello. 
Charles Hendrickson. 
Alfred Lobedan. 
Amaiah M. Darrow. 
Peter Fredrickson. 

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