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Wright's directory of Janesville for 1903 comprising an alphabetically arranged list of business firms and private citizens; a classified business directory; a miscellaneous directory; and a street directory of householders and business firms
Vol. V (1903)

Street directory,   pp. 29-75

Page 36

CHERRY              36             CORNELIA 
253 Frederick Dixson. 
254 Fred Hell. 
2    August Schultz. 
257 Walter Bisaell. 
258 Mrs. Augusta Wobig. 
259 Daniel Sheridan. 
260 Charlcs Hill. 
261 Charles H. Drum. 
John Plum. 
262 Louis Hager. 
Mrs. Christine Rehfeldt. 
Washington av. intersects. 
301 Frank Hartl. 
302 August Mlenchow. 
304 Herman Storm. 
305 James Yates, drayman. 
307 Henry Schumacher, broom mnfr. 
308 Mrs. Lena Lemke. 
310 Reinhard Mann. 
312 August Dobratz. 
CHESTNUT from 1o7 Galena a. to 
Western av. 
2 Peter Lee. 
3 Thontas D. Donnelly. 
,John Donnelly. 
4 Vacant. 
5 Nels. Selgren. 
6A Mrs. Louise Hodge. 
6B Frank Dixon. 
Washington av. begins. 
52 Thomas Donahue. 
54 'Mathew .1. Roherty. 
57 Edward Marshall. 
59 Henry Collun. 
60 James F. Spohn. 
61 Herman Freenman. 
64 Frank M. Boylan. 
65 Edward Kleeb. 
66 Charles Selmar. 
CHICAGO AV. from Miltimore e. to 
Armour, along Ry. 
CLARK, from 271 S. Main n. e. to 
6 Augustus C. Munger. 
7 William Hall. 
8 Charles F. Newton. 
9 .Airs. Elizabeth J. Woodruff. 
10  Frank A. Taylor. 
13 Vacant. 
Home Park av. begins. 
14  Fred .1. Bailey. 
18 Win. L Lewis. 
21 Frank D. Slawson. 
23 Vacant. 
Glenetta ends. 
30 Sol F. Sanborn. 
31 Fred Mohns. 
33 George A. Lamphire. 
CLARON from 405 LIna w. to Wal. 
2 Willimn Walliach. 
3 Thoma Doran. 
4 Gottleib Perleberg. 
0 Herman Kinost. 
Center av. intersects. 
55 John Piske. 
Herman F. A. Preuss. 
58 Joseph Heinz. 
Theodore Holtz. 
Jefferson, Gold, Emmett intersect. 
s. w. cor. Emmett Rock River Woolen 
n. a. 2 e. S. Palm Patrick Hefferan. 
n. e. cor. S. Palm Mrs. Anna Horn. 
Palm intersetis. 
CLIFTON from 64 Ringold a. to Fre- 
I Mrs. Catherine Alden. 
O Myron H. Gibbs. 
9 Mrs. Elizabeth A. Harris, nurse. 
10  Frank Mathias. 
12 William E. Press. 
14 Mrs. Esther J. Baldwin. 
16 Vacant. 
20  Mrs. Mary J. Walker. 
Mrs. Millie Northrop. 
CONGER PLACE I e. Hms Park av. 
from Clark . e. to Wheeler. 
CLINTON along and At to river on 
the Island w. of N. Main. 
CONRAD sat w. Garfid av. frm 
Oakland av. a. 
2  Edward P. Dot'. 
Mrs. Sarah Hullihen. 
4 Pliny Norcross. 
9 Mrs. Sarah H. Thorpe. 
CORN EXCHANGE from 64 W. il- 
wanks* I. w. to N. Franklin. 
2 August F. Kruegr, meat mkt. 
3 Jacob Stern, cigar mnfr. 
4 Charles J. Jones, saloon. 
6 Carl H. Kueck, meat mkt. 
8 R. Costigan. harneamkr. 
8.2 Foresters Hall. 
10 George H. Ferris, bicycles. 
12  Fred Feltz, tailor. 
14 W. A. Kennedy. sewing ma- 
14.2 Charles Horn. 
16 Willis P. Mason, barber. 
CORNELIA from sot Prospet av. a. 
to Benton av. 
3 Rev. Geo. W. Dunbar. 
Pease et. ends. 

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