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Ferslew, W. C. L. E. (ed.) / Rock County gazetteer, directory and business advertiser, for 1857-8: containing a full directory of the cities of Janesville and Beloit, and a list of the property holders in the rural districts

D,   pp. 134-138

E,   pp. 138-139

Page 138

JAZM9=     7    011 W 
Dran oin, 11%ur dedl No. 86 w Mlwmakee, h Fnlkln 
Dun John Jr., gr , h ie    Blu 
=. Dan  =atn QaloId HyatlN    u 
D   10~.1 borin  ouse, h Main ar N 2 
Dunevan Jemlah,borr, h cor Walker and William 
Duphy H. Ma, kundres, h oar Wate ad's I 
Dunto Frank H., lour and be  de  ,eqr k fkmn and w 
Mlweaukee, h Jacson nr Mlalu'e 
Dutfe Mihael, laborer, h Chatham be Ravine and S& 
Durkee 1. T., bar keeper,bda. Franklin bt Center and Sehool 
Dutin Clemt, Aom m, h Mter           .   .       . 
.o DutnS.& k, hWesternavbelowR      I)/? '177-' . / 
=   Duttom Em, &rner h w Milwaukee nr Fo  ome 
Dutto Ira, Wrk, bca w Milwaukee 
.b Dwyer ohnJhborer, h Rier R. IR. 
tager Autemus, blackamlth, bds FnAln ur Holme 
X) Nager Wm. A.,bbekamtb, bds Franklin between Homm  and 
Ean John, laborer, h River ocr Union 
Eager A. H., ofW. A. & A. H. B., Mds Franklin 
EaN"r Win. A., ofW. A.&.   H. L,h Frankl 
Eager W. A. & A. H., blaksmit, Court nr Bidn 
G., tner, bds Wall  e akson and  H 
=A:.e -Aklaborer h w side 
atn    up brner, h undue road or R. R. 
.  Jbtt8  m law, bda Hy # House p -e-rt 
ke, bis Hya Home 
Eddy ahe M   porter, Ogden vowe 
SEdwards Datmo cabinet mker, h Academy between Holme 
and North 
SEdwards JM ., Union Iron Works, Main oew N. , Us 
Mals bt No. 8 md No. 4 
F    an Me*  abov, b, Franklin below Rook 
Ferton B. J., bd iael ow a Third 
]l~tldee Win.,    dedu, b Bluff bt ;8d .4 
]MIS h  D., =   b'  dd,h  h =bbZ      AAfe 
s        ~    ~    ss     Ie, b dm be Ceut and Mflmu. 
"    i Job mson, h Rive above Jackaso 
hred -   , rpme bise  ide 
t    red F. B., lumber deler, h Hem  coc Acdemy 
dred F. L. & &    ., lumbe der, wt MuWaee usm 

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