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Ferslew, W. C. L. E. (ed.) / Rock County gazetteer, directory and business advertiser, for 1857-8: containing a full directory of the cities of Janesville and Beloit, and a list of the property holders in the rural districts

S,   pp. 99-104

Page 102

103               mu      DURMMY. 
Smede. Mr., widow h Bridge urilid 
Smith Aust us, oft mth &     t oar Farm and Bluff 
Smith Charletdraymem, bdN =    Race  * 
Smith CarhmD., painter, bd, Foarth or Bridge 
Smith D.IS., file cutt, Amedous Home 
Smith H. C., irmer, h Cmo ir Bridge 
Smith K C., hlrde nr River 
Smith    w  ,   W;Boa          House 
Smith Franklin H., Wamst, bi BluW  or Farm 
Smith Georg W., cer, h D ar B. & M. IR. 
Smith Geo. W., baris maker, Stocking & Co., bda South 
Smith Ceo., techer, bds Pleausnt w Race 
Smith H., Dr., h Broad nr Post Office 
Smith Harvey, carpenter bdo Bridge nr Bluff 
Smith H. C., cabne maker, bda Broad r Main 
Smith Harvey C., carpenter h E nr Fifth 
Smith John, stone cutter, bh light ar Di'rlon 
Smith John, laborer, bd School or Pleasant 
Smith John, cooper, bds Third or Bridge 
Smith Iathrop ;, printer, Journal office, bd Fourth bt BrIdge 
and Locust 
Smith Mrs., widow, h Race nr Prospect 
Smith X., Mrs., shirt and oollar mianufotory, State bt Broad 
and Race h Fourth. 
Smith 0. P., Zk, Smith & Rus, bds or Farm and Bluff 
Smith Peter, laborer, Head School, bde Broad ur head. 
Smith Richard W., graw dealer, h Wheat bt Bluff and EWA 
Smith & Rust, groces, State Durham's Block 
Smith Smel, painter. h Fourth or B 
Smith Win., carpenter, Farr, Hill & French, h Founde 
Smith W., chamaker, Whipple & Bslhrd% bd btudds 
and B 
Smith Wi, clerk, W. P. Adams, bd Manion House 
Smith WilHim ., plow dealer, h E nr Fourth 
Smith Win. H, shoemaker, Win. B. Parker% b&e Pubbq av a. 
M. . Chumh 
SOith Wm.N., printer, Journal office, bda oa Bridge and Cross 
Snyder John, watchman, I o% 0odue'% Mill 
Somers John, enhlner 0. & . U. R. I., bde Famer's Hotel 
omenile James, stone cutter, h   t Ut DiTMM 
ory Thomas, laborer, h First cor Dlisdou 
Sourwine John, carpenter, h Fist oor D 
Southard Joain, *sgoner, h Fourth cor Divsio 
Spmldiu P. B., nurmy man, h Fith av 
palMing W. C., At  y at Law, State ut Ran% h Schor 

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