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Ferslew, W. C. L. E. (ed.) / Rock County gazetteer, directory and business advertiser, for 1857-8: containing a full directory of the cities of Janesville and Beloit, and a list of the property holders in the rural districts

H,   pp. 79-82

I,   p. 82

J,   pp. 82-83

Page 82

HNoghtoo, W. 8., sue   t    M   in Ham 
Homis A914   -             e-u - ~l h Badg v.dl  p.3W 4 
Howeman Anthoy, 1a        h Lout urOak 
Houmen Edmu       mason, h mrLout 
Hoiodn9   -_ raqrW, is leusaut or Raw 
IN ti ." 16110, carpmner, h Plemskm ur Rate 
Houston Zahn B., student, We Pleasat bh Broad and Race 
Howad 1k, tnme , h  ad bt StW -ad Mill 
Howard I. 0., Isome, h tamd First 
Howard N. IT., rest~   tg, Stae or broao, h School urM 
Howe A. B., retred merchant, h eam School and Main 
Hubbs A., saloon, State cor Race, h School it State 
Hubbs N. A., clerk at A. Hubbs, hbs Mcool or State- 
Huber P. IL, saloon keeper, State bt Broad and School 
Huis Andrew A., dra)man, h D cour lght 
W=he Michael, harness maker, Stocking & Co., bil Fam or 
Husapbsey Aaon, Br., Episcopal clergyman, h public at nea 
Humphrey Nooh, machini, h 'Third bt D and Di"hs 
H=        s. 0., machinist, h Pourtk bt 9 and D 
Ht A.a., agent lbr Pitta' threshing machine  bd Mandou 
Hunt Hery _intw, Rac car Plemaant 
Eh" NIL,          ve   cor Pleasant 
HutSeham Andrew, clerk at A. Baldwin's, bds Ilnc 
Haq John, molder, b&. Fifh or ]Dislak 
Hyatt labe, car  ter, bda Fqurth bt Bddp and Locust 
Hyde L C, ca   ]Be    t Ban, h Bdge or Blf 
lnbm Ambroe, bdmbth Third nr D 
hess. Frak, sbosmeker       Alion,baconrMlad 
osimn A., cook, Bushnell Houn 
1msmArMy D0 carpmmt,h am Fourth and B 
Jaieam 0. P., carpentfer, ha Brdge    n 
Jackson 0. H., of J. &Co, h or cege buiding 
JACKBON 0. *H. & CO., books and statoiey, Broad, post 
Ja44s0. T. A., senryand perfbmery. Broad, post o" 
bde    . aksoni 
braksean, his B"of Hous 
mish Callsy bt Blf ad Zghe 

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