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Ferslew, W. C. L. E. (ed.) / Rock County gazetteer, directory and business advertiser, for 1857-8: containing a full directory of the cities of Janesville and Beloit, and a list of the property holders in the rural districts

D,   pp. 71-74

Page 73

Day Edward, Fourth bt Lemarnnd I 
Dearborn kis, dis bn read este h Road owr PIuu 
DaakaL.D,dok at Murdom n % 
Doelar Win., K, bibdb le Tw onhreperbw? 
D Lane on, TOIAr , blOS01has idWM 
Do Mar 110. C ,6 W B 
Daq4 Jhn lboIr b at hb nw 
DauesiIL . riter, (Joural Gib%) b Nab he bt Pond 
and Third 
DoetW. W.,Joirmle, ow State and Ikbaak b6g had bt 
PrMde aid Phiwa 
Dick=n. MAinnder, buds, h OA be Lasunt d U 
Diaiin IL S. Ma.,h COuui ow outh 
Dole Johnson, h What bt iM ped Uuhik 
DoeJoseph 1  1, h psAb sY r iLehdi 
Dol* Wsn., las dealer, b Moaol or Short 
Donldo. N., earpeatew, him School ur Colloge 
ISBN%    h 'Third bt Merill ad Liberty 
J hn, e  ae aw R & M. IL R 
Dmrm~ Mm., hmmiibos,kb~ broed ur Msubk% Gran, 
Domgerty 0.  W16 ,L R.u.) k Wheat 
Dough. hjeaand, a v 1 11 h M&w Thid 
Downer Homy peantwer f"Ra 
DownesmL. nHA lowh a Ro 
Downs DabsluW, Mill3 bt head ad Ron 
Don arartMu.maie,  h er Gale"o 
DbA. S     W=   M   w arnme  igWlrr 
Druem FIdi(of K & Drury,) h Msood ow PrIpe 
flEESSER a DTRtJRY Evoy ataMs School bt State ad 
Mwpiaenet                     ## 
Dnwu Daer, (of Dzeae & D., h heoad nea Aminb 
DUUobIC a rpet, htatew vdi 
Dsailwaft L, whw h Fifth a ad 
D  Ab. 3L, b  Pwhi d Curche 
D beed s h     ~       la adr Coltlegeoe 
Dotsbq Jobs ile at 1. F. lbeb', IV* t D & 
Didain N., (of irkh  A ,) h bushx 

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